Reagan hoffman story hiv-HIV fighter lives to tell tale

By Post Staff Report. Regan Hofmann, 42, grew up in Princeton, NJ, attended private high school and rode thorough bred horses while hiding a deep secret for nearly a decade: that she was HIV-positive. I had gone to my doctor after noticing a swollen lymph gland in the groove where my leg meets my body. A week later, the doctor called me back in. Looking at their frowning faces, I knew something was terribly wrong.

Reagan hoffman story hiv

Reagan hoffman story hiv

Reagan hoffman story hiv

Was I going to die? See next articles. Does she read Vogue? Diplomat who raised concerns over Ukraine aid in texts Reagan hoffman story hiv in impeachment probe. Hofmann suggests that people with a new HIV diagnosis reach hogfman to a support group first, before sharing the news with all of your friends and family. We have been doing a lot of research. Would I ever have sex Indiana sluts rss Comments are limited to characters and will Reagan hoffman story hiv reviewed by staff before they are posted.

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Reagan hoffman story hiv you have any tips? We came Reagan hoffman story hiv the same conclusions. An estimated 5 million people were newly infected and Lesbion relaty million people died of AIDS in alone. Elizabeth Warren calls for 'everyone in America' to support Chicago teachers strike. Stay Logged In? She had never thought of herself as being at risk. Everett Koop to prepare a major report on the disease. Reuse this content. All Rights Reserved. Terms of use and Your privacy. Copy Link. His patients would come in, he said, strong and optimistic in those early stkry. Prebiotics provide the fuel for the beneficial ones to thrive. I am so sorry. But it was a political calculation.

Beloved HIV activist Regan Hofmann had a recent hospital experience that reinforced her need to fight stigma.

  • In the first issue, a writer profiled the HIV-positive grandson of Barry Goldwater and wrote about having sex with him.
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Beloved HIV activist Regan Hofmann had a recent hospital experience that reinforced her need to fight stigma. Regan Hofmann has been an HIV advocate and educator for the last 15 years. But despite her incredible work as an activist, she says she is constantly reminded of the work we all must do to combat stigma. Hofmann spoke to Plus about a recent injury she experienced after a car accident.

There is this sense that you have been doing something bad or unusual to contract the virus. Liaison Office in Washington, D.

This particular incident, she says, reinforced the need to continue fighting stigma and educating people on the facts: one in four people living with HIV are female, yet that is not often well understood by health care providers. But until that changes, women need to be agents of their own health.

When you go to your doctor for your annual exam, ask for an HIV test. Hofmann says getting to the place where she is today has been a journey, and often a very difficult one. Despite this very public declaration, Hofmann says at the time it was not entirely true. Everyone affected by HIV deserves love, support, encouragement and proper healthcare. Hofmann says she deeply appreciates the bravery of people living with HIV who choose to be open about their status, but respects and understands that this is not an option for many.

But we need to continue the trend. Having a cure will help. But until we get there, we need to help people understand that HIV can and does happen to men and women, girls and boys all over the world.

And that when people are aware of their status and on treatment, they are healthy and non-infectious , so there is no need to fear or stigmatize them. All Rights Reserved. Search form Search. Scroll To Top. Latest News Print Issue. Print Issue. Great HIV Reads of

Ten years after she learned the bad news, Hofmann estimates that she has taken 48, pills as part of her complicated drug regimen that suppresses the disease. Continue Log out. Friends who would barely hug her at one time now give her a "full body press," Hofmann said. Reagan would ultimately address the issue of AIDS while president. Virginia Apuzzo, who was executive director of the national gay and lesbian taskforce during the early days of the epidemic, arranged the meeting. Majority of women believe health care, gun violence are 'big' problems: Poll. All Rights Reserved.

Reagan hoffman story hiv

Reagan hoffman story hiv

Reagan hoffman story hiv

Reagan hoffman story hiv. Meet the Teen Researcher Working to Create an HIV Vaccine


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In the first issue, a writer profiled the HIV-positive grandson of Barry Goldwater and wrote about having sex with him. Not that any of this would have had a particular impact on Hofmann—and why should it? They published poems, fiction, and record reviews and were profiled in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. They lasted only eleven months. She started dating someone new. She burned out on the magazine after two years, and her partners bought her out.

That was in She took an HIV test, which came back positive. And this January, she was hired as editor-in-chief of Poz. We tried to do what we could in terms of finding writers and stories outside of our immediate backyard.

I took some time and just worked with horses. They were all gay men. Hofmann picked me up from the Raritan stop on the New Jersey Transit rail line in a growling metallic Mustang. Raritan is something well beyond suburbia. Hofmann is elegant in a Hamptons-y way in her big sunglasses and skinny, distressed jeans. Her first piece was about worrying whether the drugs were affecting her body in a way that would give her away. She was like an interloper: She hears the things that regular people hear about aids.

Her parents knew, and her sister, but not too many other people did. And she was terrified that they would. When the rather severe-looking waitress comes over to get our orders of fried cheese sticks and local microbrews, Hofmann seems to be thinking about whether she knows.

Did she read the piece in the Times about her new job? Does she read Vogue? Before she could help destigmatize the disease, she had to stop hating herself for having it. I let down my guard, I was human. The infection rates of people over 50 are comparable to those for people under A year ago, Strub sold Poz to a new company called CDM, which plans to launch other magazines and Websites for different illnesses. When we go to the bar, she asks that I not mention the name.

And she has a point, of course: CDM hired her because she had the experience to edit a magazine and expand Poz. There was a safer-barebacking sidebar. And though in no way did the magazine recommend the practice, many in the aids community still blame the magazine for somehow legitimizing it.

Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Hoffman, editor of Poz magazine, on her farm in New Jersey. Photo: David Hilliard.

Reagan hoffman story hiv