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For 20 years, he was a drug user. Now, Mr. Oliveira walks daily through empty lots and abandoned buildings. Armed with gloves and tweezers, he picks up used needles and syringes left by drug users and leaves in their place clean and sterile injecting equipment. The first aspect involves outreach to drug-using communities and populations, which tend to be young and poor.

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Clinical subtypes of obsessive-compulsive disorder based on the presence of checking and washing compulsions. Socio-demographic and clinical variables were compared and contrasted between the groups by means of ANOVA followed by post-hoc Least Significant Difference or Dunnett's tests for continuous variables and chi-square tests followed by partitioned chi-square tests for categorical variables. Keywords: Obsessive-compulsive disorder; Compulsive behavior; Checking; Washing. Several studies suggest that obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD is in fact a set of related syndromes that, despite phenomenological similarities, can be differentiated according to their socio-demographic characteristics, age at onset, pattern of comorbidity, 7 family history, 8 response to drug treatment, and neurobiological underpinnings. Steketee et al have found, for instance, that OCD checkers and washers were similar on the basis of age, gender, symptom duration, marital status, religion, and socioeconomic levels.

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