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WildTantra is transmitting Tantra as a wild, crazy, unspoiled path of spiritual awakening, without the denial of the sexual energy. Through unifying forces, the sexual energy is being transformed into its ultimate state of consciousness. It is an invitation to wake up to the wildness of your body, heart and consciousness! It is for the courageous ones who are not afraid to say Yes! If you are one of them, join us.

Retreat tantric

Retreat tantric

Retreat tantric

Retreat tantric

Retreat tantric the person receiving is often nude, you want to make sure that whichever tantric massage therapist you do this with is of the highest integrity. This way, yogis can gain inner power and serenity. In tanyric way, we gain trust Retreat tantric letting go into deep pleasure and surrendering into something bigger than ourselves. Featuring Tantra, two Tantric workshops on Awakening Femininity and Masculinity, Yoga and meditation classes twice a day, pranayama, satsangs, as well as optional activities such as boat excursions, other tantric workshops, and holistic…. Always make sure you listen to your own needs and requirements and choose carefully. Feb 9 - Mar 21, 42 days.

Lebanese female model. WildTantra Path

I am beyond all these cosmic principles. Reiki sessions. When all the stars they are many! Search the best handpicked retreats Absolutely no booking fees for you. Please try selecting a country first. If you do not like just lie quietly on the beach - visit the water sports station, where you Retreat tantric ride on banana, water skiing, windsurfing etc. Retreats for single, couple, Retreat tantric groups. In the West, Tantra has become synonymous with sex, but that is a mistake. Overtrips enjoyed through Tripaneer. Home Yoga Retreats Tantra Yoga. Ra Lalita Dasi and Yorgos Mazarakis have been really generous in transmitting to Teen birth rate the profound ancient Tantra teachings. The only experience you need is life itself.

They see their yoga teachers gush about tantra retreats on social media.

  • Come and join us for an unforgettable experience on Leros Island where the magic of the Sea and the warmth of the Sun will be the setting of a truly transformative Yoga journey.
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WildTantra is transmitting Tantra as a wild, crazy, unspoiled path of spiritual awakening, without the denial of the sexual energy. Through unifying forces, the sexual energy is being transformed into its ultimate state of consciousness. It is an invitation to wake up to the wildness of your body, heart and consciousness! It is for the courageous ones who are not afraid to say Yes! If you are one of them, join us. We welcome you the way you are and offer you Tantric methods, challenging situations, and ecstatic meetings so that you can explore your infinite resource of love, with a body fully alive, a joyful heart and a luminous consciousness.

It gives you methods and keys that support you in your daily life in being connected with existence in a sensual and sacred way. She shares her 20 years of precious experiences on the path of Tantra and her devotion to her Tantric Masters. She is assisted by the Wild Tantra Team , a group of experienced tantricas, who empowers the group process with healing energy and motherly care.

WildTantra Path of Awakening is a journey from pleasure to bliss, from ignorance to understanding, from illusion to awakening! In this vibrant alive process Tantra is exploring an ultimate path of awakening where everything in you is used, transformed to fuel your body, your heart and your being with the highest quality of life force, of love and of consciousness.

The Steps of WildTantra Path of Awakening: — Juicing up the body with its full potential of orgasmic energy — Lighting up the heart with the fire of devotion — Seducing the mind to crack its shell of ignorance to expand into unlimited consciousness — Waking up lovingly the fearful sleepy-self to dissolve into the unknown.

It is set up as 2-year process in which each retreat builds upon the previous one. For the second year retreats, participation to some of the first year retreats is compulsory, as it will ease your process. For upgrading your life to a high level of love and consciousness, we invite you to jump into the whole process as it deepens your transformation with every step. It is set up as a 2-year process in which each retreat builds upon the previous one.

For the second year retreats, participation in the first year retreats is required, as it will ease your process. What do you mean by Lovers? By lovers we mean a man and a woman who love each other. It simply means that you are committed to grow in love together. You are very much welcomed to follow the whole training with your lover, wife, husband, meditation partner… We will support you to open up your relationship, marriage to a new dimension of relating and expansion into love and consciousness….

What do you mean Meditation Partner? A Meditation Partner is someone with whom you are involved in a process of meditation, which might or might not involve lovemaking. It is a partner you are not specifically living together with or engaged with in relationship. You may meet only at specific moments for meditation. What are the Advanced retreats?

It means the intensity of the process shared in these retreats requires that you have experience with tantric meditation and that preferably you have followed the first year of WildTantra Path of Awakening. In this retreat, you need to easily contain and circulate your energy and be able to watch your mind and emotions without it creating tension in you.

I am homosexual, can I participate in your retreats? Yes, you are warmly welcome under the condition you are willing to practice some meditations with the gender opposite of you. I am pregnant, can I participate in your retreats?

The retreats we offer demands a lot on a body and emotional level. The system of a pregnant woman is very precious and a 9 month tantric retreat in itself! We can recommend you some meditations and offer you some guidance about it, but we prefer not to welcome you in our retreats.

I am under medication or have some health issues or some psychological issues, can I participate in your retreats? Your physical and psychological conditions should be good and healthy in order to follow our training. If you take medication, we need to know what it is and for what. Depending the type of medication, we might refuse you in our retreat because we have observed that our intensive energy works are not compatible with some medications.

Before being fully accepted in our retreat, we ask you to fill out a registration form with questions about your physical and psychological health. If we judge your conditions will not match with the work we offer in our retreats we will not take you in. Are some preparations needed prior attending the retreats?

During the retreats from the Path of Awakening you are put on a vegan diet without sugar and coffee. This might be creating a detox process in your body during the retreat. To avoid it becoming too intense for your body, we recommend you to prepare for it a few days before the start of the retreat. It offers you the opportunity to experience some of our methods and feel if this Path is for you.

Information : introday wildtantra. For registration: please fill out this online form. This retreat guides you into rediscovering your potential of living life fully from the body, bypassing the protection mechanism of the mind that builds up bodily tension and a lack of love, as well as a sense of separation. The process restores your direct connection with life by awakening and exploring the life forces and the sexual flow in the body.

It disarms the pelvis and sex from tensions and breaks breathing patterns with the aim to return to a natural breathing that bridges the body sensations with the heart.

The main areas of exploration: — Unfolding your natural orgasmic body state — Letting go of fear restricting deep pleasure — Reviving the Sacred within — Opening to orgasmic breathing — Understanding mind-heart-body function — Opening up your life to nourishing bodily relationships with yourself and others.

In this way we bypass the direct experience of life in the body. There our experiences are tainted with judgment: Good or bad, like and dislike, but never with wonder, unity. The ego is very much nourished; strengthen by this mind game while the body and the heart slowly die from desolation, abandon. It has a tremendous impact on how we relate with our body and the bodies of others. It creates a sense of separation that crystalizes into tension, numbness, and excitement too while it covers the heart with emotions such as anger, frustration, depression… In the long run, diseases of all kind appear without us understanding why.

The separation we suffer from leads us to make choices and decisions about our life, our relationships, and our work, which are totally out of touch with life, existence, love and consciousness. To come back to unity, to the marriage with existence within us, the body has to be explored as a temple by using the senses, the breath and sex as a doorway to the divine within and without. It allows the body to become a vehicle for the heart and no longer the slave of the mind.

By linking ourselves to the heart and body, we can manifest love and creativity, transforming negativity, destructive behaviour that impede a re-union with life. In the process we awaken the desire force, pleasure, and orgasm from the deep understanding that these are instruments of unity and not of separation. To come to this point, we take time to heal our genitals, our emotional body from all kinds of misguiding, trauma, believes, social and religious conditionings.

In this way, we gain trust in letting go into deep pleasure and surrendering into something bigger than ourselves. We develop a supportive, loving and sacred environment where everyone can feel safe to open up to the intimate play of orgasm in the body. Within this retreat women and men are separated for 3 days before coming back together for specific practices. It allows them to explore different issues, topics, qualities belonging to the uniqueness of their gender.

Sex and the Divine have been taboo for millennia. This has become a disease in humanity. We need healing, love and understanding to restore the natural possibility of rejoicing with the divine through sex. While diving into this healing dimension another aspect is naturally brought into the light: our identity as man and woman which is based on social rules and conditioning.

Being a man is not about being strong, powerful, competitive, dominant, and being a woman is not about being fragile, emotional, needy, manipulative. It generates a new quality of men and women who love, respect deeply and support the awakening of each other.

In this retreat, we like to give birth to such men and woman! What is orgasm? While orgasm is triggered in the body it opens a space beyond the body, linked to the heart and consciousness. The energy of orgasm first rushes in the body, flooding our senses with pleasure. Then it opens a door to the beyond. This moment is very precious. It shows us where we come from. The retreat is devoted to root you into bliss by activating, harmonizing the kundalini energy within you.

It refines your sensitivity from pleasure sensations to blissful state by expanding the sexual flow through your whole body and by letting go into energetic orgasm. The consequences of the bliss, kundalini opening in you are not only sexually rewarding, they are life changing as they centre you into a space of non-duality where your encounters with others and life can become a source to the experience of oneness.

The main areas of exploration: — Awakening Kundalini flow — Circulating and containing sexual energy — Opening to energetic orgasms — Supporting positive qualities — Surrendering to the Goddess force — Shifting to the non-dual dimension — Connecting sexual energy in various channels in your body — Transmuting pleasure into bliss — Letting go of addiction to sex and whatever pulls out of bliss — Understanding and dropping addiction. What is Kundalini? Tantra has discovered a pathway in the body, which is mainly connected to the spine and which is called Kunda.

When the life force flows through it, it is named Kundalini. This precious path way unites us between earth and sky, matter and spirit, body and no-body. When the Kundalini stays at the level of the sexual organs and sexual activity, it carries a certain vibration. The happy vibration of sex becomes a vibration of joy in the heart. When it moves up to the crown, the vibration is of bliss.

Then sex feels like a divine experience. Sex, love, consciousness are integrated in the same action. This is a very powerful process that transforms our way of life totally. Once you taste the joy of love embracing the body, life takes a different direction… However, Kundalini flow does not only create new sexual experiences.

It activates our capacity for unity with everything in life. Kundalini supports us in being in this embrace all the time, not just during sexual intercourse. It shifts the experience of unity to everything around — the trees, flowers, the moon, the sky full of stars… At the same time it creates a lot of changes on the body level.

The vibration of our cells, brain, organs, and blood flow is activated to a new level of light. It nourishes and rejuvenates our entire organism since it awakens the capacity of our body to live life fully!

From breath and body awareness to walking in nature, and tasting new food we always make sure that each moment you spend here is a moment of awakening and joy Unlike your standard detox programs, we want to help you before the damage is done. Created and also de-created or better to say transformed. In your body, you can see the whole creation of existence. The kundalini energy must be activating and harness properly in order for this to work. Language suddenly speaks in pictures, in symbols, in music, in paintings because the perception of reality from the Inner Sky is very artistic, musical, silent too.

Retreat tantric

Retreat tantric. WildTantra Path

Her humble, opened minded approach to teaching is something that students of all levels can appreciate We all aim to share a different dimension of Tantra and Yoga and we see the Asanas, Pranayama and Meditation as powerful tools for personal awakening, a transforming process available to anyone willing to listen from the inside out. This is why our retreats usually feature small groups, include conversation time on philosophy topics and are adjusted to people's needs and vibration. Like we were always meant to be as humans, but somehow forgot on the way to adulthood.

A Retreat is a conscious choice to stop the doing and start simply being. It is a time to dive into ourselves and pay attention to what's there, far from usual patterns, habits and familiar attachments.

What comes to surface during a Retreat can be both surprising and challenging, yet we stay with it, we learn how to embrace it and nourish it. We become a Sanctuary to ourselves and make space and time for anything that needs our deep attention, may it be fear, vulnerability, body stiffness or an ancient trauma. Day after day we learn how to let go of criticism, judgments and negative thinking and we gather new tools, a new approach to our wounds and limits so that we can truly start healing ourselves from the inside.

Homeland to some of the biggest thinkers we all know, Greece has a large history of human investigations and it surely keeps being an inspiring place to be and learn something new about ourselves. Framed by a bright blue sky and the glorious Mediterranean Sea so many sailed and traveled by before us, the Greek Islands are the perfect setting to wake up from dullness and feel life through all your senses.

The smell of oregano, cumin, eucalyptus and rosemary, the joyful view of Lemon and Orange Trees along lush green valleys, the beauty and solidity of its olive trees while strolling among tiny ancient streets are just a hint of what is like life on Leros. Enjoy the slow-paced easiness of the locals, let yourself flow with Leros old-fashioned and charming lifestyle, taste some of its authentic local products and give yourself permission to indulge in the bliss of its sunsets overlooking the Aegean Sea.

Get to know the sunny side of life and let your light shine bright too. The following topics are some of the principles and ideas that keeps us inspired along the path and that we wish you will also investigate during your stay with us:.

Our big and welcoming house, located in the heart of the picturesque village of Agia Marina, is 5 minutes away from the pier with its coffee-shops, shops and taverns and it's just a 10 minutes walk to the nearest beach, ideal for a dip in the sea, sunbathing and enjoy your Greek Summer. The house is quite ancient, it has history and an enchanting energy to it. Built in the late 19th Century, it is a beautifully preserved example of neoclassical architecture - big and bright, with lots of windows and high ceilings.

You will fall in love with its authentic interiors, featuring bright Mediterranean colours and unusual antique furniture. We always make sure that our guests are comfortable and feel home and this is why we will lovingly prepare one the bedrooms on the ground level or on the 1st floor before your arrival according to availability and to your needs. There are three main bedrooms in our main neoclassical house that can be of single or double occupancy, featuring one queen bed, plus one single bed if requested.

Located on the ground floor you can find the living room, the dining room, the kitchen and the bathroom. We also have a small, lovely garden where morning yoga classes are usually held and which is ideal for some leisure time during the day or the evening.

The washing machine, dryer, iron and hairdryer are at your disposal and and there is free Wi-Fi connection for all guests. You will also have unlimited access to the snacks and drinks available, as well as the possibility of personal involvement in the preparation of the daily menu.

Our coffee machine, juicer and kitchen tools are at your disposal at any time. The daily diet consists of fresh vegetables and fruit, seafood, meat, cheese and sweets made locally. We also respect your dietetic preferences vegetarian, vegan, raw, etc. At or prior to your arrival let us know about your diet restrictions or preferences and we will adjust our menu to your needs.

We receive you as a member of our family. Our goal is making you feel home, welcomed, accepted, loved and at ease during your stay and this is why you will always find us available for any information, any doubts, or a just for cup of coffee and a chat.

Changing usual surroundings, new impressions, positive emotions are the best combined with tantric and yogic practices. And we make sure that your arrival here has been filled with joyful memorable moments.

The possible leisure activities are:. You may take, at in the morning, one of the boats that make these excursions different every day and return at in the afternoon. Leros definitely has something to look at! Architectural monuments, local Sightseeing, lots of natural untouched areas, stunning sea sunsets And of course there is going to be also time for leisure and relaxing, specially during the hot hours of the day, as well as time for swimming and enjoying the sea and the magnificent nature of this island and a variety of beaches as noisy and crowded, as wild and solitary, located in picturesque deserted bays with amazingly clear water.

From the beginning of our civilization, society has been condemning with the help of religions and morality one of our basic instincts, this of sex. Tantric lovemaking though is not exactly about sex as we know it, is about sharing Love and Eroticism; it may become a path for dissolving our false "Ego" and starting to know the mysteries of the existence.

This workshop is about exploring this dimension of our sexuality, entering in the mystic realms of unconditional Love and Sacred Sexuality. In our Tantric LoveSharing Workshop: - we explore the use of Sexual energy for Spiritual evolution - we learn about the male and female energies - we learn how to honor our partner - we learn how connect sexually with our partner on a spiritual level - we learn the difference between orgasms and ejaculation - we learn about the different types of orgasm - we learn how to share eroticism, instead of making "mechanical" sex - we learn how to implement lovemaking rituals in our life - we learn how to dissolve and unite with our partner in a common orgasmic state, arriving to higher states of consciousness and connecting with our inner center and the Existence.

NOTE: - Due to the nature of teachings in this workshop, you can expect erotic elements, as well as preliminary elements of sexuality. However, each participant will need to recognize their own limits of comfort and those limits will be respected.

Is the only way to experience, understand and know what tantric lovemaking is really about. Our nature is energy in matter. You are invited to dive in a process of surrendering into your inner power, kundalini, in order to rise beyond the limited self. We will explore and experience some of the endless ways to approach and deal with Shiva male energy, and Shakti female energy, observing and studding their relationship, which is mirroring our relationships, with ourselves, with others, with Life!

So, this is a workshop about femininity and masculinity as our essence, offering a mindful sacred space where you are invited to explore and experience your self from another angle, by rising In Love. It is a process of surrendering to our Male-Female aspects, exploring femininity- masculinity and embracing our connection to the divine. There is plenty of Cultural and Sport activities available you can do and book in advance here, if you feel like.

Here are just a few. On the island of Leros you will find many picturesque places for hiking, as well as interesting sights such as a medieval castle, windmills, small chapels, museums, etc. Walk through the narrow streets, inhale the amazing clean air filled with the smell of the sea and spicy herbs, plunge into the blue of the boundless clear sky and sea.

It's truly mind blowing! Try delicious dishes of fresh seafood and traditional Mediterranean cuisine in small taverns located near the sea. If you do not like just lie quietly on the beach - visit the water sports station, where you can ride on banana, water skiing, windsurfing etc.. In addition to marine dwellers, diving enthusiasts will be able to see sunken warships, of which many left in the coastal waters of Leros since the Second World War.

They depart from the port of Agia Marina, usually at and they return at Take a break meeting the surroundings of this small polynesia. You may also arrange, with some extra cost, an excursion with our boat.

We may just go to desert beaches, reachable only by boat, near or far to other islands. Small cozy cafes on the beach, "bouzouki" with traditional Greek music, dancing bars, as well as various concerts and festivals will attract the attention of lovers of not sleeping until late in the night. Her approach to yoga is very unusual. She puts the emphasis on pleasure and lightness, spontaneity and freedom. And she is sweet and generous. I recommend this experience to those feeling ready to try something different.

The food was delicious There I felt the energy flowing in my body! I really enjoyed the flexibility we had in our daily programme without any dietary, drinking or smoking restrictions. If you want to have a flexible programme and a relaxing retreat, this is the right one for you! It is an unique experience if you're ready for it. It is a reminder of who you are. It is eyed-opening. They are both highly life experienced and sensitive people and they cook delicious meals.

They have wisdom to share with you if you're open to receive it. I highly recommend the experience to anyone open to rediscover themselves.

I arrived with a very open attitude, not really knowing what to expect, but willing to receive what this retreat had to offer. What I found was a highly intuitive person and practitioner who tailored the practice around my needs as she felt and saw them to be.

This became something of a journey of discovery for me. I was able to let go of my previous conceptions around yoga and meditation and experience something of their unique approach. I would think that if you have a very fixed notion of what yoga is and how to practice it then this may not be the retreat for you, but if you are interested to open yourself to new discoveries then book up as soon as you can.

Email: ananda tantra. I have not encountered another temple as blissful as my own body. It is the perfect place to be rather than do, to trust life and become one with it rather than resist it. Let go. You are safe and home here. Tune in and listen to your natural wisdom. Become truly aware of who you are and of your potential.

No matter what happened, you are here now. That's all you need. About us Born Israeli with Romanian roots, Aviv was introduced to Yoga nel , and her passion for this life-transforming practice has only grown fonder since. This can be an incredibly confusing, entangling, and damaging situation. The guru-student relationship is about helping the student liberate themselves, not using power to entangle them in a sticky trap. People will often say that Krishna slept with many Gopis cowherd girls , but this is a total misunderstanding.

The story may say that he gave an orgasmic experience to 16, women at the same time…. It must be beyond that. It is an intimacy that is far beyond the act of sex. An intimacy that is at the core of every single one of us.

You can experience a closeness that is beyond anything you could ever imagine. To feel the raindrops falling on your shoulders as the tears of your guru blessing you with every step.

To feel every breath that moves in and out to be you and your guru breathing together. In order to find the best tantra yoga retreat for you, you must first understand the underlying principles of tantra yoga. You will soon find that each workshop or retreat is unique, each offering a different combination of education, exercises and yoga styles. Whatever you are searching for, be clear about it before selecting a retreat.

Whether you want to head the heartland of yoga in India for your tantric experience, or you want to be surrounded by the lush, serene nature of Bali is fully up to you.

Tantra workshops are a bit different than tantric retreats in that they normally don't include accommodation or food. They are typically shorter, often being 2 or 3 days on a weekend. Many people come to these workshops to meet other people, expand their horizons, and open their heart. Some retreats and workshops will include hatha yoga in order to get the body's energy moving and to bring it into a greater state of ease. Tantric massage therapy is a way for people to open up sexually and sensually.

It can be a way to release traumas, expand their ability to experience and receive pleasure, and bring deep emotional healing. Often these massages can allow you to experiences deep orgasms. For women, they can experience mutliple orgasms in a depth that they might not have before.

Men can learn how to separate their ejaculation from their orgasm and experience energetic orgasms. Because the person receiving is often nude, you want to make sure that whichever tantric massage therapist you do this with is of the highest integrity.

It's not as common with male tantric massage. There are different kinds of tantra practices that will help you move toward higher consciousness. These daily spiritual practices can be things like mantra, working with yantras, yagnas, pranayama breath work , tantra kriya yoga, tantra meditation techniques, and others. He has various forms of both dynamic and still meditations that fall under the umbrella of tantra.

One key, whenever you're doing sadhana, is creating sacred space. Whether it's in a small area in your house, or even just internally inside your own being, sacred space and a proper internal environment can make your sadhana much smoother.

Tantric rituals are often performed to generate energy that the practitioner can then work with. Often the rituals involve mantras, yantras, and yagnas in a complex play between geometry, energy and form. Some rituals have true power and are approached from a scientific perspective, like an electrician would approach wiring a house. This is a very controversial subject, one one which is thrown around so easily.

It involves cultivating both male and female sexual energy towards healing, experiencing ecstasy, or transmuting it to experience high states of meditation and yoga union. For that to happen first there needs to be an exchange of sexual energy between the man and the woman. Then they must transmute that sexual energy and bring it up through the chakras until they rest in an sometimes explosive equilibrium and harmony.

The kundalini energy must be activating and harness properly in order for this to work. They often haven't done daily spiritual practice for years beforehand, which purifies the system and readies it to receive these large influxes of energy.

You can find tantric teachings going back thousands of years. In Buddhist teachings, the Vajrayana path is often referred to as Tantric Buddhism. They do lots of deity visualization, breathwork, guru yoga, and various other practices that utilize the mind in active meditation processes.

Here's a quote from this source text. It can only be reached by those entirely freed from duality and ego, and firmly, fully established in the consciousness of the Self. It's a deep experience of the potential of human consciousness. The Six Yogas of Naropa has a lot of overlap with traditional tantra as well. It describes various practices that one could describe as tantric, even if it does not use those words.

Some people break down tantra into white tantric yoga and black tantra. In this categorization, white tantric yoga only uses the energy gained from tantric practices for the benefit of others. In black tantra, you can run across practitioners who are seriously playing with fire. They can utilize the energy for dark and destructive purposes. Isha Yoga Center , run by Sadhguru. One of the greatest living tantrics and yogis on this earth.

I'd highly recommend reading this article he published on what is tantra yoga? A master with unparalleled insight, experience, and depth of practice with mantras, yantras, and yagnas. If you're looking for tantra teachers of the absolute highest integrity, these two are for you.

If you'd like to go beyond learning tantra and actually become a tantra teacher, then you should check out our list of tantra trainings. We've got trainings all over the world. One thing I will say, while you might be able to get a tantra certification by going through one of these trainings, it takes daily sustained practice and true experience to truly be able to share the depths of tantra.

Bali Dates 1 filter Sort by. Select Dates Close. Filters Clear All. Food Show food types. Area Show area types. Atmosphere Show atmosphere types. Skill Level Show skill level types. Beginner 21 Intermediate 20 Advanced Sort Close. Advanced filters Close. Skill Level Beginner 21 Intermediate 20 Advanced I would highly recommend this teacher training for anyone with an open heart who is ready for a lifetime experience.

ECSTATIC LOVE - 8 Day Tantric & Shamanic Retreat, Thailand - January - Event - Retreat Guru

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Back to Login. Check your email for the confirmation email. It will have a link to reset your password. The practice itself combines a lot of asanas, energy work, and mantras. This way, yogis can gain inner power and serenity. Sexuality is only one aspect of this very complex yoga style. Book a Tantra yoga retreat and prepare to learn how to be in union with the universe!

One of the highest forms of yoga is tantric yoga, especially the one focusing on the inner goddess. Both have fantastic beaches, tasty food, traditional festivals, excellent gurus and everything you need for an authentic yoga vacation. Legend says that a long time ago, an Indian priest named Kaundinya had a dream about an arrow. He felt the urge to follow it, so, he sailed southeast tracking it until he found a stunning island.

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