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Jaime King shows she is still queen in a sexy Galore magazine photo shoot. The year-old Pearl Harbor and Sin City hottie went completely nude for one revealing shot and even nibbled on a tasty treat in another. I love men and I've chosen to be in a heterosexual marriage, but I've been in relationships with women and I love women, too. Good on her. When you're this beautiful, why shut yourself off to half the world's dating population?

Denim divas. Times points

Five fashion bloggers show how they do denim, and each one is a stunner! These denim divas picked their favorite wash, favorite shape, and found them in the perfect fit at maurices. Thanks, bloggers, for inspiring us! Brooke blogs at onesmallblonde. This is a look I would wear out for a casual date night or dinner with the girls.

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T he title gets it the wrong way around. What we have here is first a lot of caution, then an explosion of lust. For his sheer muscular verve and ambition, Lee deserves a standing ovation. Orson Welles was described once as picking up a play with the confidence of a marksman picking up a rifle, and that is exactly how I felt Lee handles this source material: a short story by Eileen Chang. Fiercely intelligent and hauntingly beautiful, she gives a passionate, courageous performance that deserves a shelf-full of awards; it's already made her an Asian movie-star to rival Zhang Ziyi.

Rubber connector retention clamp. Health Support Library

Glenair, Inc. Backshells are a difficult product to select. Application education, design simplification and standardization are keys to selecting the proper backshell product for its intended use. Before we describe what a connector backshell accessory is and how to select the proper accessory for its intended use, we must understand what a connector is and its basic use. Fiber-optic termini require extensive optical polishing and close tolerance alignment.

Models of abnormality. Definitions of Abnormality

In Module 2, we will discuss three models of abnormal behavior to include the biological, psychological, and sociocultural models. Each is unique in its own right and no one model can account for all aspects of abnormality. Hence, a multi-dimensional and not a uni-dimensional model will be advocated for. In order to effectively treat a mental disorder, we have to understand its cause. This single factor explanation is called a uni-dimensional model.