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Although his work consists entirely of photographic images, he is not so much a photographer as a sculptor and installation artist. In his latest installation, Nude Animal Cigar, created at the invitation of the Hague Museum of Photography, Kooiker looks back over his twenty-year career in the visual arts. Paul Kooiker b. The value of his work lies not in his individual photographs which are sometimes overexposed, blurred by camera movement or grainy , but in what he does with them postproduction — the subsequent process of selection and manipulation. These fictive collections look as if they have been found somewhere or have turned up in some ancient suitcase abandoned for decades in an attic.

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Wondering what your baby 's getting up to in there? You're pregnant! Now you're pregnant it's time to see just what's happening at every week of pregnancy! See an image of how your baby looks each week and click on the links below to learn what your baby and your body is doing, and what to expect. The heart is really developing, along with the first blood vessels of the circulation system.

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A mixed model is a model that contains fixed and random effects. Over the last few decades virtually every form of classical statistical model has been enhanced to accommodate random effecs. The linear model has been extended to the linear mixed model, generalized linear models have been extended to generalized linear mixed models, and so on. The GLIMMIX procedure fits statistical models to data with correlations or nonconstant variability and where the response is not necessarily normally distributed. These models are known as generalized linear mixed models GLMM.

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As the film name rings bells of familiarity in our heads, the story about the pig raised by sheepdogs is a real treasure. Farmer Arthur Hoggett returned home to the farm with Babe after walking away as the lucky winner of the contest. Babe also crosses paths with Ferdinand the duck who thinks he is a rooster, as Babe likewise tries to figure out just where his role lies. Babe continues to learn the ropes from Fly, the female sheepdog, who provides invaluable advice for the young piglet. We all remember that heart-felt moment, the time when Babe very nearly became Christmas dinner, following a narrow escape.

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The issue is, the best handheld moisture meter might vary from one job to the next depending on your specific needs. Some people need a versatile moisture meter that combines several different reading modes, while others might only need a simpler device. Restoration Work. Restoration contractors have to quickly verify the ambient moisture conditions in a structure and find pockets of moisture in building materials. For this kind of work, a moisture meter that combines several different reading modes, like the 3-in-1 QuickNav , may be the best for the job.