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Robert W. Bob Carver is an American designer of audio equipment based in the Pacific Northwest. Educated as a physicist and engineer , he found an interest in audio equipment at a young age. He applied his talent to produce numerous innovative high fidelity designs since the s. Two magazines accepted the challenge.

Carver tuner models

Carver tuner models

Carver tuner models

A contributor named Ed in our FMtuners group disagreed slightly with Jim: "On my sample, the bass is anything but light. Continue to Carver tuner models Reviews D-G. The MkII has some additional features for other dbx components, such as remote Carver tuner models link, and also includes a frequency step adjustment that the T lacks. It pulled in stations that the Onkyo T could only dream about. All Sonic Improvements. If its close cousins of the time, some of the Rotel line, sound Forums xxx share passes this, there may be a whole new line of sparrow feed. They appear to have a different pin spacing than the usual 4-pin ceramics. FM's 20 Hz to 15 kHzthe Carver must be getting everything out of that since it sounds so good. There is a remote control option for the The tunrr only one IF bandwidth Carver tuner models.

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December 3, at pm. I have checked the 7 amp fuse in the back, and it is good. All moodels working and all original. Condition is not all working. Carver also later Carver tuner models Stereophile magazine for its alleged bias against Carver tuner models products. Our paypal is thecarversite gmail. Views Read Edit View history. Integrated Amplifier. Bob Carver may have single-handedly debunked any number of theories about sound quality by using physics, blind and double-blind testing and unbiased measurements such Amosan oral b "gold-plated speaker wires sound better than copper wires", tyner. Item Location see all.

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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content. All Auction Buy It Now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match. Gallery View. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. It's in great working condition and sounds amazing. All lights working and all original. Switches all original and all in great condition. All connections working great. Missing box and manual. Preset scan. New AM stereo circuitry. AM gain and AM noise elimination circuits. The radio tuner is in very good condition.

It has been tested and appears to work fine, all buttons function normally. We must be notified of any issues within 24 hours of receiving your item. It is against the law for us to mark an item as a "gift". It is in good condition and it works properly. The Carver CT-6 is for sale. Everything works well with nice sound. Fully tested and in good working condition. Manual is from our family.

Picture of actual manual. Original Printed Factory Manual. May have technician notes written inside. Factory issued copy. Service Manaual. Actual Manual In Picture.

I have been an Audio Specialist for over 48 years. This Carver tuner has been tested and appears to be in great functioning condition. Sensitivity: 1. Contents:This 32 page original owners manual contains pictures, specs, connections, setup, features etc. Age: Printed in It powers on but no further testing has been done since it was missing its fuse holder. Condition is For parts or not working.

Sold as is , tested for power only. See similar items. Tuner Section. Station presets THD at 1kHz,stereo 0. Seperation at 1kHz,dB AM Suppression,dB Capture ratio,dB 1. Brand see all. Guaranteed Delivery see all. No Preference. Condition see all. Not Specified. Please provide a valid price range. Buying Format see all. All Listings. Best Offer. Buy It Now. Classified Ads. Item Location see all. Delivery Options see all.

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By Nahash , October 8 in Members' Lounge. I saw your ad here about the plastic button for the power switch to turn the unit off and on, I to am having a hard time locating one as I have the same problem. Jordan Thompson says:. Carver Receiver HR RoadShows demo gear.

Carver tuner models

Carver tuner models

Carver tuner models

Carver tuner models

Carver tuner models. Carver Preamp/Tuner

I bought a Carver MRX last year, based in part on your review. Is this easy to do? Has anyone out there done this before? And where can I get replacements. Thank You. Just replaced the power and one of the small push buttons on mine. This will give you easy access to all buttons and knobs. The knobs are frequently on ebay but the buttons are much less so…Good Luck…. Trying to hook spkrs into a Carver MXR The display lights are not lit on the front panel. I have checked the 7 amp fuse in the back, and it is good.

I just picked one up with a broken fuse holder on the back next to the power supply. It looks the plastic casing of the fuse assembly was broken apart and the metal part shorted to the metal rear faceplate.

I could use a copy of the service manual if anyone has it handy. Any thoughts about what I should look for before lift off would be greatly appreciated! I inherited an MXR recently and am looking to hook up some speakers would like something used. Can you tell me what specks I should be looking for? Nominal impedance…. I got one for free with a bad channel and non-functioning tuner. After cleaning all controls I got sound from both channels, but the tuner would not work.

I bought the replacement trimmer capacitor from Circuits and Concepts on eBay and that got the tuner working, except that it locks. No amount of tweaking the trimmer solves the problem. Still sounds great and the stereo light pops on. I can flip to manual tune and set stations on center channel. Puzzled as the cause of this symptom. Any ideas are welcome. Your email address will not be published. I asked Carver Audio repair but they answered that they do not sell spare parts. Can you inform me where can I buy a new transformer?

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Tuner Information Center - Tuner Reviews A-C

Tuner Reviews A-C. Tuners are listed alphabetically by manufacturer and in alphabetical and numerical sequence by model number. Please see the On-Deck Circle for tuners that we know very little about or that we're not sure merit a writeup.

We have posted updated eBay sale price data in this section through December, ; data for "as is" or damaged tuners, or otherwise unrepresentative auctions, may be excluded.

The T has a 5-gang front end and is reputed to be a better performer than their less-expensive T, but we've never compared the two. The T uses linear phase LC IF filters that can't be replaced, and you wouldn't want to because it has excellent selectivity in stock form.

It has wide and narrow IF paths, but it uses linear phase LC filters that would make modifications difficult. The T is probably better suited to audiophiles than to DXers, who can get better selectivity from a less-expensive tuner modified with narrow filters. Our contributor Thrassyvoulos says, "My T has the best macrodynamics and imaging of all tuners I've had, but is definitely too bright. If you've used any of them, please post the details in our FMtuners group. In addition, this TB's selectivity did not live up to its excellent published specs.

It may have been out of alignment, or maybe just a bad piece - our panelist David "A" has owned several Ts and has found its quality control to be inconsistent. Does as well on AM as it does on FM. A superb tuner. Our panelist David "A" thought that the T was, along with the Tandberg A, "the high-water mark for varactor-based tuners. I have had two Ts that are significantly quieter than the T, and I find that the T can perform on a sonic level with tuners like the KT, for example, so they are quite good.

They don't have quite the RF performance of a KT but they aren't bad, either. Although we know of one respected audiophile who thinks the T sounds like a "cheap pocket radio" perhaps his was out of alignment , several contributors say the T and its redesigned successor, the FM-only TV, are among the best-sounding digitals. The T and TV both use a pulse count detector like several top Kenwood tuners and, when properly aligned, are sensitive and highly selective.

There seem to have been different versions of the TV, one with a balanced mixer and one without and perhaps other differences as well. The two tuners' specs which are identical are available at the Accuphase site , which also has a wonderfully detailed writeup on the TV. Accuphase T , front , back , brochure search eBay Our contributor Dana offers this review: "Out of the box, one has to be impressed with the incredible build quailty of this and all Accuphase products. Having owned the T, T and T tuners and the E integrated amp, I've had exposure to the wonderful build of Accuphase components.

Weighing in at 26 pounds, this piece of eye-candy is still a lightweight compared to the TU-X1 at 34 pounds. From an ergonomics perspective, this tuner doesn't overwhelm you with buttons and switches. It provides 16 small preset buttons that allow a total of 32 presets, with each button responsible for two station memories. Five small buttons provide muting, mono, MPX filter, frequency trim, and memory setting. A large tuning knob and power button complete the layout. Under the front glass faceplate is a signal-strength meter, station memory number, and reception frequency.

The gold plastic remote control duplicates the same button selection with additional up and down tuning buttons.

So how does it perform? Well, from an audio perspective, it's quite impressive. Effortless highs are noted with a nice textured voice portrayal. Having owned the T and T at different times, I can say that this is a different breed of cat. The T has the uncanny ability to separate and place mid and bass notes that I haven't experienced before with other tuners, such as the Sansui TU or TU-X1.

Again, from an audio perspective, this tuner performs in spades. Unless, of course, the MPX filter becomes necessary with noisy signals, then the highs become a tad rolled-off.

A DXer's friend it is not. But other local stations provide a strong signal that brings out the best in this tuner. That said, however, the T is no slouch. A tad disappointing, nonetheless, especially for the entrance fee.

I'm sure there must have been trade-offs in the design and manufacture of the T to assure true audiophile sound, at the expense of sensitivity. The quality of the bass note and the extension of the highs is apparent, especially when used digital out to a DAC. Accuphase T , front , back , brochure search eBay Read our panelist David "Anonymous"'s review of the T on the Ricochets page. If you've used any of them and would like to rebut the foregoing, please post the details in our FMtuners group.

Don't overpay like those guys did. In addition to the usual antenna connections and RCA output jacks, the back panel strangely enough has three AC outlets! Please post in our FMtuners group if you have ever used this tuner.

Our contributor doug s. A rotary switch changes the 10 segment display from signal strength to multipath indication. Our panelist JohnC provides the definitive review: "The ATU is a well-built, better sounding, FM-only tuner with 5 gangs, dual IF paths, and both analog and digital station annunciators. There are several versions out there U,E,K,H , each for a specific geographical area, with the differences being in power supply and de-emphasis.

The unit is ergonomically easy to use with a fully removable bottom panel allowing trace side access to all components. They appear to have a different pin spacing than the usual 4-pin ceramics. The audio signal is processed through an LPF, passive de-emph, TAP op-amp, then split into both fixed and variable outputs.

But to get to the main power supply and the IF strips requires a major disassembly of the tuner, with removal of the main circuit board to gain access to those components. So far, it sounds damn good!! The lower midrange and bass is just deadly accurate, and competes with, or bests my modded KT It also bests the TU, which is interesting since they both use the same op-amps s on Ammons adapters.

All three tuners have op-amps which are powered in balanced mode, and whose outputs are also direct coupled. After the updated components caps and resistor were installed in the de-emphasis, the high end sweetened right up. To pick up where we left off above, the power supply was rebuilt, Schottkys in the bridge and a couple of big Nichicon HEs for the caps.

Reinstallation of the board assembly went without incident and took about the same amount of time as removal. A quick power-up confirmed all was well and there was no evidence of any escaping magic smoke from any components. The original circuit uses pots to provide an adjustment point for the de-emph. After removal and measurement of the factory caps I'm supposing that the use of the pots was dictated by the wide tolerance caps used in the circuit and the pots were implemented to bring the de-emph into spec, regardless of the size of the cap in each channel.

My understanding is that using pots, especially inexpensive ones, in circuits like this will introduce phase shift anomalies and if you can use fixed resistors that will be a major improvement. After some ciphering on Ray's part, the pots were replaced with ohm resistors with the circuit providing the rest of the load, and the caps were replaced with pf polystyrenes. Needless to say, both caps and resistors were hand-sorted and matched. A quick dab of solder fixed the issue but they were just too easy to replace, so in went some better, solder tab units from Parts Express, a nice fit.

If there's a caveat in the update, it's the replacement filters in the Narrow IF. Even after a little tweaking, the insertion loss of the new filters must be higher than the OEM units. I've lost some signal strength in Narrow.

The bass is articulate, defined and deep. A stand-up bass sounds as though you're sitting a few feet away. This is not to say that there's anything amiss in the higher frequencies. The unit is nice and quiet and the analog station indicator is dead-on across the scale. This unit shows absolutely no drift over many days and power-ons -- you can set a station and never touch the dial again unless to change stations. Hot, cold, day or night, just set it and forget it.

If you can find one, it's worth the price of admission. Not to belabor the issue, but the sound with the OEM op-amps is quite good. Replacing them with the BB OPAs, and the removal of the coupling caps in the output, puts it over the top sonically. Thanks to Ray for the de-emph workup and doug s. Since I couldn't find a diagram, I finally decided to do it anyway. The de-emphasis is sort of a unusual one balanced? The unit uses quality components, like copper film capacitors - I've never seen anything like it in any other tuner.

It is running now, and has heavenly sound. Its features include high blend, a variable muting level control and variable output, and it's also one of the few tuners with a deviation meter.

Our panelist Bob says, "The AT has unbelievable sensitivity. With narrower filters installed, it would likely be a killer cheap DX machine. They are not built like a KT, but what else is? The AT beats the pants off a Magnum Dynalab.

One other point, reception sensitivity benefits greatly by removing the internal connection to the balun snip the lead from the ohm input to the balun which is also connected to the ohm inputs. I would also install a coax ohm connector in place of the old-fashioned one. It comes in very close behind my KT for sound and knocks the pants off it for tuning capabilities. Here's his report: "The front panel looks just like the AT-V04 with a larger tuning knob minus the presets, search and different muting levels.

It seems to use exactly the same display and tuning lights. Tuning is indicated in 0. The unit itself is quite heavy and solid.

Carver tuner models