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Not in Worldwide? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Erin and Robert have a friendship that is slowly turning into a flirtation. During a silly drunken night, Erin signs a contract that she will be Robert's "Tickle Toy" on Christmas night. Will she submit to her submissive desires and let her wildest tickle fantasies come true?

Tickle erotica

Tickle erotica

Tickle erotica

Tickle erotica

Date of experience: September Arabella Quinn. Nicky Sasso. About Us Help Center. Alexx Andria.

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Adicionar a minha lista de desejos. This hot and sweaty collection gathers together seven tasty lesbian stories from Sasha Moans' best selling Deep Licks series.

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Tickle erotica

Tickle erotica. Threads in This

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The maid flushed hotly, but she said nothing. She dipped her head and began undoing the back of her outfit. Alice watched silently, feeling every tiny air current in the room across her uncovered body. She had seen other girls naked before, of course. Even other women. And she had just now only seen Miss Catherine's own bare breasts. When the buxom brunette had completely denuded, Miss Catherine presented her with a feather duster. Barbara began bustling the feathers about Alice's bound wrists, as though she were busily dusting furniture.

She dusted Alice's forehead and nose, which made the girl grin and sputter. This is silly, thought Alice. The duster began working over her shoulder and underarm, cutting off the girl's thoughts with an involuntary giggle.

It was SO soft! But this! Maybe you don't want to be tickled after all? But Alice didn't try to reply, so Miss Catherine nodded curtly to the maid.

Instantly, the feathers were dancing across Alice's flat titties, teasing the pebbly little pink nipples. Alice was in heaven! Lower the feathers traveled in their dustings. Across her belly, making it scrunch up around her bellybutton.

Back and forth over her hips, which made her stretch from side to side as much as she could. Is that it, she thought to herself disappointedly. Is it over so quickly? Miss Catherine too the stick of the duster and used it as a pointer. Alice's eyes went wide at the touch. The nail didn't tickle but at the same time, she liked whatever sensation it was that was happening.

Alice closed her eyes and sealed her lips. After a while, Miss Catherine stopped the teasing of her sex. Of course, thought Alice, clenching her jaw. She actually worried that having her feet tickled was going to be her weakness in the end, causing her to burst out for them to stop. She prayed that she would be strong enough to get as much tickling as she could. She slipped a furry mitten on one hand. The feel of the fur was even softer than the feathers, but tickled in a completely different way.

She squeezed her eyes shut and tried not to giggle, but when Miss Catherine's hand passed over her bellybutton, she couldn't help herself any longer and sputtered. Alice was in fits! Onto the bed. Meekly, Barbara climbed onto the bed and tried awkwardly to lay somewhere, anywhere, where Alice wasn't.

Barbara winced, then stood on the matress between Alice's splayed legs. She looked upward at the eyehook in the ceiling that she knew was there. In an instant, Miss Catherine stood beside her, now out of the corset and in only her panties. Alice watched in amazement as Barbara hung suspended from the ceiling, her breasts undulating as the springy mattress bouyed beneath her feet.

Barbara twisted her neck to look at Miss Catherine. No, you wouldn't! Alice had never seen another grownup tickled before, and certainly not like this. She gazed entranced as Miss Catherine stood behind her maid and maliciously dug her fingers into Barbara's underarms and ribs. Barbara danced and stomped on the bed, making Alice rise and fall with it.

The poor maid couldn't even draw breath to plead with her mistress, for Miss Catherine gave her no respite. And so she laughed, laughed as though she could do nothing else and she couldn't , laughed with hysteria while great tears streaked her rosy cheeks. Barbara cooed and moaned, blushing crimson as she wiggled under Miss Catherine's touches. She gets a funny expression on her face when she's about to cum, you see, Alice?

It's hilarious, don't you think? To Barbara's surprise, as her orgasm mounted, Alice's face broke into a wide grin followed instantaneously by a stream of helpless giggles that grew into loud laughter. Of course, Barbara thought through her haze. She chanced a quick glance down and confirmed that Miss Catherine was using her free hand to tickle the little girl's foot.

Barbara turned her attention back to the laughing little girl on the bed with her as her mistress forced the arousal to grow within her. She knew what was happening, of course. Barbara knew better than to fight her mistress on these things any longer, and so resignedly submitted to watching Alice laugh and wiggle, naked and pale and blonde and pink, on the bed before her. Finally, with a loud grunt, Barbara could stave off the orgasm no longer and surrendered to it. Her body tensed as her eyes continued to be locked on the laughing, twisting naked Alice while unbelievable currents of pleasure coursed through her body.

Miss Catherine stopped tickling Alice so she could release Barbara from her bonds. The maid collapsed naked into her mistress's arms. Are you sure you're not ready to call it quits? What must that be like, she thought. Miss Catherine straddled the girl's belly, letting Alice feel the satin of the crotch of her panties slide around her bellybutton, and put her nails in her underarms.

The real tickling? Alice wondered. Miss Catherine busied herself running a length of rope through the board at the foot of the bed, right in the middle, then up to the eye hook that Barbara had been attached to. Miss Catherine cradled Alice's shoulders and torso in her arms as Barbara wheeled the bed out from under her, the rod at the headboard coming away just as the footboard had done. On the floor there was another eye hook, and after much finagling, Miss Catherine and Barbara succeeded tying off the headboard rod to the eyehook in the floor, suspending Alice naked in the air upside down!

Miss Catherine squatted down by Alice's face. We'll begin. Barbara, my Flex-O-Pleaser, please? The maid obediently passed Miss Catherine a device that looked like a rubber wand attached to a hot glue gun, and a handful of little plastic disks with different shapes to them. Miss Catherine moved the dart tip around in slow circles against her chest, pausing only to bring the tip over to Alice's other nipple. Alice hung there in silence, her hair brushing the floor, her mouth slack.

She heard Miss Catherine say something to Barbara, saw Barbara nod, but Alice was too much in a dream state to understand what was being communicated. Soon enought, she saw Barbara kneel beside Miss Catherine, holding a handful of Qtips. She's going to clean my ears? She nodded to Barbara, who began to run a soft fuzzy Qtip swab around both Alice's hardened nipples. Alice's eyes lit up with new life as she howled with ticklish laughter!

She was bringing a bottle of lotion from the dresser while Barbara idly teased Alice's nips with the cotton swabs. Miss Catherine changed the tip on the Flex-O-Pleaser wand for a round disk with one face covered with round tipped rubber spikes.

The vibrator on, she began to work the disk into the lotion, spreading it around Alice's pale bottom. The soft rubber of the spikes bent and wiggled, and did so freely against the frictionless surface the lotion had turned Alice's buttocks into. Barbara had begun circling the Qtips in wider circles around her unformed titties, taking care to never ignore the nipples for very long.

Now with the millions of tickly fingers that felt like they were assaulting her bum, Alice began to realize how truly ticklish she could become, and how helpless she was. Alice felt something warm and wet on her nipples and, blinking away the tears of laughter, saw that Barbara had put the Qtips away and was now licking and sucking Alice's nipples much the way Alice had to do for Miss Catherine earlier.

She thought about her friend Gretchen, and how she had been tempted that one sleepover to touch her sleeping friend's exposed crotch that night as she slept, but had been afraid. If I'd known it would feel like this to her, I'm sure she wouldn't have minded, thought Alice. The flickers of Barbara's tongue against her nipples felt so good, and Miss Catherine's fingers on her pussy lips were so soft, that Alice was quite unprepared when Miss Catherine's other hand began to slowly trip-trap walk her nails over the soles of Alice's feet.

Until I tell them to stop? Alice thought. Would they do it forever, she considered, wistfully. In an instant, Barbara stopped suckling and began to scratch her well- manicured nails in Alice's underarms and up and down her ribs. At the same time, standing behind the upside-down girl, Miss Catherine stood and put a hand in each little pink sole and began tracing her fingers in random patterns all about the ticklish flesh.

Alice screamed! She squealed and shrieked, but she dared not beg them to stop no matter how much she felt she needed to. Her feet were aflame with tickling, and she could feel Barbara's breast sway against her belly as the maid leaned over to get the occassional better reach for her sides. After an eternity, the tickling of her feet stopped, although Barbara continued gently tickling Alice's nipples and armpits, allowing Alice's laughter to subside from hysterical mania to a soft sussurus of titters.

Here we go, thought Barbara resignedly, her fingers continuing to tease and tickle the little girl in front of her. She closed her eyes as she felt Miss Catherine's hands gently cup her breasts and tease her nipples, while her other hand reached around her belly and dipped down to tease her slit. Her fingers danced along Alice's ribs, wiggling in each one.

Make the little girl laugh for me. Alice's laughter became background noise as Barbara thought about her shame and degradation to be forced to do this and enjoy it. This poor girl, she thought, to have to be tickled so-oh-oh-oh as an electric jolt of pleasure went through one nipple, Miss Catherine's doing by the use of the Flex-O-Pleaser. This poor, sweeeeeeet girl, she thought, her fingers caressing softly over Alice's tummy, her fingers trembling now as the vibe aroused her nipples.

You poor girl, she continued thinking. You poor, wonderful ohgod! Barbara moaned. She dug her fingers into Alice's hips and sides, in the hollows of her thigh joints.

Tickle tickle tickle! Then both Alice and Catherine screamed as Barbara's fingers went out of control and tickled mercilessly at the joints of Alice's leg and leaned in and tongued Alice's bellybutton. As the last of the orgasm coursed through Barbara's body, she fell against Alice's body, no longer tickling, hugging it tightly. Wordlessly, Miss Catherine arose and began teasing Alice's splayed labia again.

Barbara caught her breath and, still trembling, began kissing Alice's nipples again, loving every single kiss she took. Within minutes, Alice was back in ecstacy.

But she was afraid to show it, because she thought that, once again, these women would stop these wonderful touches and start tickling again. But when Miss Catherine bowed her head between the girls legs and began kissing and nibbling on Alice's pussy lips, Alice couldn't help but gasp and moan. Her mouth formed a perfect little 'O' and she began to tremble. This was different than when she would play with herself.

When she did that, she could speed up her playing when she felt the orgasm coming, making it happen. Now she was at the mercy of someone else, and the orgasm would come when it came and no sooner.

Barbara kneeled to get a better angle on nibbling at Alice's nipples, which put her own breasts close to Alice's mouth. Alice took the chance and, to Barbara's surprise, took the nipple into her mouth. Barbara groaned with the feel of the child's wet lips nursing her nipple, and looked quickly up at Miss Catherine, fearing punishment for taking the pleasure.

But Miss Catherine just smiled and nodded, continuing to alternate between Alice's tender labia, taking one between her lips and gently gnawing, then repeating with the other. A pause, then another "Mmm-hmm. At the same time, her hands reached upward for Alice's helpless pale soles. Tongue met clit the same moment fingertips not nails met soles.

True to her word, Miss Catherine tickled only slowly and softly. She might as well have attacked Alice's feet with a brush, because, while Alice giggled at the touch, her giggles were overwhelmed with a succession of "Oh"s, each louder than the last, causing her to lose her oral grip on Barbara's tit. Barbara joined in with her mistress, tugging the little girl's tiny nipples between her lips as she reached up and finger-brushed Alice's sides and underarms.

Not in Worldwide? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Erin and Robert have a friendship that is slowly turning into a flirtation. During a silly drunken night, Erin signs a contract that she will be Robert's "Tickle Toy" on Christmas night.

Will she submit to her submissive desires and let her wildest tickle fantasies come true? A Ticklish Collection, Volume 2. CJ Fox. Honey Wes.

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Tickle erotica