Ted thomspon sucks-Grading and Ranking Ted Thompson's Drafts as GM of the Packers

By ElishaTwerski. What a bust that guy turned out to be! He followed up the Rodgers selection by taking Nick Collins in the second round. Unfortunately, his career was cut short when he suffered a neck injury in Poppinga started 44 games for the Packers and proved to be a value pick in the fourth round.

Ted thomspon sucks

Ted thomspon sucks

Ted thomspon sucks

You know the story on Jeff Janis. Midway through the first quarter, I was officially shit-boxed, so at the first sign of Ted thomspon sucks, I had to blink my eyes several times to convince my brain of what I seemed to be witnessing. You can buy Drew's second novel, The Hike, through here. This is great for the future the wise thing to do and for continuity, but does Ted thomspon sucks for adding talent in I still have a big problem swallowing Not quite yet he's not.

Vennessa nude. Grading and Ranking Ted Thompson's Drafts as GM of the Packers

Time to fire the O-Line coach. The Packer O-line was ranked 24th. Others agree. They are going to be tough. The number of seasons where TT can solely rely on Arron Rodgers to carry Ted thomspon sucks team are very coming to an end! Does being a kook make you unfit to play in the NFL? And keep the salary cap safe for future contracts. And the Patriots. Hugs and Kisses, Lions Fans. On January 1,it was Nudists in colrodo that Thompson would no longer be the general manager of the Packers but would remain with the team Ted thomspon sucks an advisory role.

Not only is the excitement of free agency in full swing, but we also managed to secure an exclusive interview with Packers GM Ted Thompson.

  • When the Packers decided not to out-bid the Lions for veteran guard T.
  • The Packers signed Lyerla after a free agent tryout.
  • As he packed up his locker for the season, a dejected Packers guard Josh Sitton pointed out the obvious that rings true at the end of each season.
  • Hunter telephoned me on Feb.

By ElishaTwerski. What a bust that guy turned out to be! He followed up the Rodgers selection by taking Nick Collins in the second round. Unfortunately, his career was cut short when he suffered a neck injury in Poppinga started 44 games for the Packers and proved to be a value pick in the fourth round. Montgomery was a decent role player throughout his short Packers career.

The bad: Murphy played in just three games before suffering a career-ending spine injury. The good: Jennings was the cream of this crop. Jolly was an ascending player before legal troubles derailed his career.

The bad : While Hawk missed just two games in nine seasons with the Packers, he was just an average player. Average is not what you are looking for with the fifth overall pick in the draft. Colledge started right out of the gate for the Packers, but he too was just average at best. The good: Crosby and Bishop saved this draft class from being a total disaster.

Bishop spent six seasons in Green Bay and was the starting linebacker when they won the Super Bowl in James Jones was a solid, yet unspectacular receiver - though he did lead the league in touchdown receptions in The defensive tackle from Tennessee was considered to be a risky player due to his questionable health and attitude, and he proved to be a costly miss at This draft class as a whole was very disappointing.

The good: This draft turned out to be a Ted Thompson masterpiece. Nelson will go down as one of the all-time great Packer receivers. Sitton was quite possibly the best guard in the league during his time in Green Bay. Though his production did not always match his talent, Finley was a great pick and added an element to the offense that made them nearly unstoppable when he was on the field.

Raji and Matthews were crucial to Dom Capers' second ranked defense, with Matthews continuing on as one of the better pass rushers in franchise history. Lang started 94 games at guard for the Packers. He and Sitton formed the league's best guard duo until they left the Packers.

Jones and Wynn were useful at times, though Jones was a liability for a majority of his starts in a Packers uniform. The bad: Raji's career took a nosedive after his first couple of NFL seasons, which is not ideal from a ninth overall pick. Other than that, this was a top-notch draft class. The good: Every member of this draft class contributed for the Packers at one point or another.

Bulaga has been one of the premier right tackles in the league when healthy. Neal was never truly a fit for the front, but he still had his moments. Burnett developed into an ultra-versatile quarterback for the defense. Starks ran for yards during the Packers Super Bowl run and served as the backup for a good part of the following six seasons. Wilson proved to be excellent value as a seventh round pick.

He made it to the Pro Bowl after an excellent season. The bad: Every player aside from Cobb and House were either backups, special teamers, or completely useless. One decent player in a class of ten is flat out awful.

This draft set the Packers back, and they never entirely recovered. To make matters worse, Thompson also failed to sign a single outside free agent. His motor matches what was seen on tape. You can hardly blame Thompson for his downfall.

Tretter started 10 games at center for the Packers and looked good doing so. Injuries and excellent depth at the position kept him from fulfilling his potential in Titletown. Hyde was one of the best late round picks in the draft, though the pick would look even better had the Packers not needed him to fill in at the cornerback position. Aside from having just average tape, Jones never really seemed like a fit for the front.

Franklin flashed some talent before a neck injury ended his career. The good: The Packers had a massive need at safety largely due to Thompson ignoring the position and they filled it with the best player available.

That was a good pick. Adams started off slow but leads the league in touchdown receptions over the last two seasons. Low snaps aside, Linsley has turned into a reliable starting center for the Pack. Thompson topped it off by selecting the G. T sorry, Jerry Rice in the seventh round. The bad: To this day, the three picks after Adams make no sense.

Summary: Thompson shocked a lot of people by taking Arizona State free safety Damarious Randall with the 30 th pick in the first round. After getting benched in week 4 of the season, Randall responded by having the best ten game stretch of his young career.

Rollins was not expected to last until the 62 nd pick of the draft, and after a promising rookie season it looked as if the Packers had gotten a steal. Injuries slowed him down significantly in and , thus making it too early to label him a bust. The book is still out on Montgomery, who has had his moments since being converted to running back.

Ryan was a nice value pick in the fourth round, but he is not the long term answer at the second inside linebacker spot. Despite showing flashes of his immense potential, Hundley failed to prove that he can be an effective backup for Rodgers.

Summary: Clark and Martinez look like they are going to be studs for a long time. Lowry and Murphy have shown flashes. The Packers traded up for Spriggs but he has looked overmatched when healthy. Summary: King, Biegel, Williams and both Joneses appear to have the potential to be difference makers for the Packers.

It's still too early to tell with Adams, Amichia and Mays. The Yancey pick never made much sense as the Packers likely could have gotten him in the seventh round or as an undrafted free agent. Matthews, Lang and Raji are quite the trio of picks. This one would have given the class a run for its money if Raji had not flamed out. The group of Nelson, Finley, Sitton and Flynn is an impressive haul. This could have been inside the top-2 if not for the two second round busts.

The Packers got three starters and Janis out of this draft. The grade would have been much better if not for the questionable picks in the middle rounds. Clark and Martinez are the pillars of this class. The grade is lowered a bit by the selections of Spriggs and Fackrell in the second and third rounds.

It is subject to change. Thompson essentially swung and missed on seven of eleven picks, including first round pick Datone Jones. That being said, his success in the middle rounds Bakhtiari, Tretter and Hyde cannot be ignored. The Packers got just an average player with the fifth overall pick in Hawk.

Jennings is the one who kept this class afloat. As of now, it looks like Randall might be the only one of this class with the potential to be an above average starter in the NFL. Things can change quickly though. When you have 10 picks and you come away with just one player who can be described as even remotely decent, you deserve an F. In my opinion Thompson has drafted pretty poorly overall since Nick Perry.

What FA signings and Trades. Now THAT would make for a pretty damn short story wouldn't it? One did, one came close and the third never got out of the starting block. One other thing, Hawk made the pro bowl one year and while he never did play to his pick College tape of Hawk, that I saw, showed a fast, powerful LB. Pro tape of Hawk never showed him being fast. Tackling players 6 yards past the LOS isn't anything to hang one's hat on. Arthur Jackson. The tackling 6 yards downfield is a fallacy.

One of only 25 players since the AFL? NFL merger to equal or exceed tackles, 20 sacks and and 9 interceptions and 30 passes defense. I agree. We got a lot out of Hawk. I also point out that judging a draft with players who had their careers blighted or ended by injury early requires that they be exempted. Vernon Davis still making plays 7 years after the corpse of Hawk stopped being able to track down even slow-footed, 1 legged TEs.

Hawk never made a big play.

Ted just got himself an extra 2nd rounder. Mediocrity man!! The prime of his career was the seventeen years he shared the broadcast booth with Bill O'Donnell , beginning in GB needs a NT. Thompson's first draft netted a quarterback in first round pick Aaron Rodgers , as well as defensive starters in safety Nick Collins and linebacker Brady Poppinga.

Ted thomspon sucks

Ted thomspon sucks

Ted thomspon sucks

Ted thomspon sucks. More Packers News

Will the Packers cleave expensive, older players from the roster in favor of bargain basement rookies in the draft that they can sign for pennies on the dollar and have years of productivity ahead of them? Or will they ask players for a pay cut, much like they requested from AJ Hawk in the past? The answer is probably both. That means some will either be cut outright or some of the other unsigned free agents will be turned loose to test the market.

Jones is under contract through next season. Measuring the good vs. After Jones, it gets stickier. What about AJ Hawk? While he has been a good leader on the defensive side of the ball, and his knowledge base is extensive, it may be time to put him out to pasture. His role on the field this season was a fraction of what it had been in the past, and his playing time was slashed significantly.

And then there is Tramon Williams. A shoulder injury in with documented nerve damage to his arm , and the Packers cornerback has not been the same as the shutdown corner we saw during the Super Bowl run in No one questions his grit and determination, but has that weakened arm become a liability? Perhaps not enough to send him packing entirely. But is Williams amenable to a significant pay cut? With Devon House on the rise as a corner, there will definitely be a true competition for the starting position in camp.

Likely less than a discounted Tramon Williams. Will the Packers keep Julius Peppers around for the second year of his three-year deal? Needless to say, the Packers will be crunching numbers and reviewing the season, weighing the strengths and weakness of its players. Like every year, there will be turnover.

It is always difficult saying goodbye to beloved players eg, Charles Woodson. But at the end of the day, it is a business, and the transactions that occur behind closed doors have one goal in mind—another chance to play for a world championship at the Super Bowl. Kelly Hodgson is a writer for PackersTalk. Yes, another post about Mo Wilkerson. He's on everyone's lips today as he visits the No, I really haven't done a lot of draft research yet.

Like you I'm currently Cobb will probably be viewed as a slot receiver. They need to whatever it takes to get Cobb and Bulaga signed even if it means letting Williams walk. Because…well, you know…. Thompson has held his current role since , making his name by selecting Aaron Rodgers with the team's first draft pick that season.

This Packers season, plagued by Rodgers' broken collarbone and a lackluster defense, showed that the talent base on Thompson's roster has eroded some in recent years. Defensive coordinator Dom Capers, who joined the team in , was fired Monday. Thompson has been especially good drafting wideouts, with Greg Jennings, Randall Cobb , Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams all taken after the first round.

Thompson isn't even leaving the organization and the Packers have a host of personnel guys in-house as options to replace Thompson, not to mention a phalanx of Thompson acolytes littered throughout the league. Thompson learned his trade under legendary Packers general manager Ron Wolf and it's easy to imagine the general manager job going to Wolf's son Eliot, who is the director of football operations for the team.

The job of the next general manager will be to help Rodgers, Thompson's best draft pick, get back to the big game.

Assigning Blame For The Green Bay Packers' Woes

Long snapper Brett Goode? He comes, he goes, he and his mullet always come back. My main man Charles Woodson, which is the second-best move Ted Thompson ever made, threw some props. Ted Thompson thank you for bringing me to Green Bay in and giving me a chance to play in the green and gold.

Thompson also made the folly of cutting Woodson. Just cut him. Woodson went on to record 10 picks in three seasons as a safety with the Raiders. He wanted to stay in Green Bay. But Jerron McMillian is my boy!

Woodson did win his only Super Bowl in his time with the Packers, however. And also win a Super Bowl. But like punter… well, Ted Thompson sucks at special teams. Boy, has he tried and boy has he failed. When the latest failure occurred, Big Ted had Brett Goode on speed dial. And Goode was always there to answer the call. HighRizer22 January 3, Two things immediately come to mind, both from the playoffs. They also all seemed to be straight forward with me. Biggest aspect I appreciated in the league bc so many are not.

Ted — in a rare move — actually traded a sixth-round pick to the New York Giants for Grant. It was a hell of a trade. Grant ran for 4, yards in six seasons with the Packers. You know the story on Jeff Janis. Ted Thompson thank you for drafting me to Green Bay in and giving me a chance to play in the green and gold. Enjoy your new role. Mike Montgomery, a defensive end, lasted six seasons with the Packers. He started just eight games in that time, but he got a Super Bowl ring for the season.

Brett Swain, a receiver, lasted just two seasons with the Packers as a backup receiver. He caught a total of six passes for 72 yards. Like Montgomery, he owns a Super Bowl ring from the season. Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. Packers Schedule. Email Address. Mordecai Jones January 3, The other guys, though. HighRizer22 January 3, Tramon! Thank you Ted Thompson for taking a chance on a kid from Sagnasty! Mordecai Jones Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles.

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Ted thomspon sucks