Strip club list richmond paper moon-Strip Clubs in Richmond - find your favourite Gentlemens club here!

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Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon

What nights?? She was one of the top money makers of all time Sneaker sex the moon! Add Your place. Strip Club Events. The club is clean and safe. I only looked like a fool in the blue suit, OK and maybe the red suit. Richhmond you are really an "Insider", then you know how well Fraz takes care of you, yet you still come on here and bash him? How are you doing hun?

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Not the once in a Strip club list richmond paper moon Bachelor Parties. Paper Moon Gentlemen's Club Reviews 3. I just hope the owner recognizes that we as patrons notice this club is beginning to remind us of the likes of lesser class, with the exception of the dancers. Though I'd holler at you. Oh, there is a pic of the outside of the Springfield Moon when I was traveling, on my myspace page Next concert: Three doors down Strip club list richmond paper moon I found Redskins seasons tickets! It's great to see a little brains and humor to go along with the beauty She's the only one that I liked to get lap dances from! Maybe you should stay home if that is the case. The club recently remodeled. You are hiding richmonc you are, how is that classy? So just give it up. Are Youg sex kdz still there?

The building at Norfolk St.

  • Paper Moon Gentlemen's Club strip club is known for offering the best private dances in Richmond, Virginia.
  • Would your life be better without the Bikers, Mafia and drug dealers you know?
  • Would your life be better without the Bikers, Mafia and drug dealers you know?

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Can't we all just get along? I am new in town and been to clubs in NJ and TX. I knew she would be away for the holiday so I passed on this week. I have posted this before, he only makes it because we let him. They have to give a portion of every dance and VIP to the club. Hands down, the hottest dancer is LA, even if she is ghetto and likes blacks guys!

Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon. PaperMoon Gentlemen's Club


Best Gentlemen’s Club | Paper Moon | Nightlife

Previous Post Next Post. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. Previous Post Next Post Dec. Comments 26 comments — Leave a comment. By Virginia law public "strip clubs" cannot have full nudity, so there's that. Only private strip clubs can do better than topless.

Link Reply Thread. Richmond strip clubs are staffed by girls from the surrounding counties. That's why people don't go to them -- they're afraid they'll see their cousins or something. I went to high school with a bunch of them. Link Reply Parent Thread. Daddy Rabbit's and Candy Bar are the bottom of the strip club barrel.

They must have been some prizes. I heard a few girls I went to school with work at Candy Bar. One's on heroin, the other's a scary nasty skank not in the what you want to see in a stripper way. Paper Moon will let you in if you are under 21 but you will pay a higher cover and wear a special "under 21" T-shirt over your clothes. They are friendly to everyone who's tipping well and not acting like an ass. Oh joy. So not only do all my friends treat me like the bitch because I'm under 21, they broadcast it to everyone in the club.

I've heard it's a bit dodgy, though. Thanks for your help! It's pretty astronomical, like over thirty dollars. Velvet is pretty dodgy, yeah. I'd say as far as quality goes in Richmond Strip Clubs, you're looking at: 1. Paper Moon Downtown 2. Paper Moon Southside 3. I guess my option is Paper Moon if I don't want to take a drive. I'm not going to drive to DC alone, and none of my friends are going to be up for that.

I went to Richard's Rondezvous once when I was reallly drunk. I could barely see their faces since it was really a blur but I am female and they were nice.. I even saw a "dancer" in the bathroom and she was like "Hi how are you?! I think the main reason dancers avoid females and couples is that they generally don't tip very well except for some well-heeled lesbians.

A lot of straight girls go to strip clubs to be edgy and hip, or just so they can say they went, and don't seem to understand that you're expected to keep tipping decently the whole time you're taking up space. Additionally, the main moneymaker is selling lap dances, and girls don't buy those as much as guys do, so a lot of dancers don't waste their time hanging around a table of girls.

Don't forget jealous redneck woman and feminists there to save the strippers from exploitation. Anti-Exploitation Woman needs to be a super hero villain? My concern is that I'll have trouble getting dancers to pay attention to me since I am female. I'll either be going alone or with my shy boyfriend who thinks buying dances are a waste of money, so I'll be the one shelling out all the cash. Being the broke college student, I'm not going to have several hundred dollars to blow, but I do intend to buy four or five dances or so.

I like boobs and don't have any of my own, what can I say? Although I have never been to a strip club sorry but a girl is going to take off her clothes in front of me, I am going to want to touch , I have known many of the strippers in Richmond. Richard's Rondezvous has always had the nicest girls, with the least issues. Also the guys who go there are not as sketchy as some of the other places, so I think it is a better working environment.

My sister who worked as a bartender at a local club said what you did about single straight women in the club. Do you have any suggestions for not being pegged as "holy shit, it's a woman! I want to make sure that I can get girls to dance for me. I'd really prefer it if they would come to my table instead of me having to hunt them down and ask them for a dance, but I'll accept that that's probably what's going to happen.

Um, no not really - like I said, never been in one. But maybe you can get some of your female friends together and "practice" this. Is Pure Pleasure still around? Back in my days of running around Richmond drunk as hell all the time i found myself there numerous times.

They often came over and talked with us stating that they LOVED when girls came in the club and actually watched them dance It was a really nice atmosphere as a woman to go and see women dance. I always felt Richard's was kinda skeezy The dancer brought it over to me.. Right now all of my friends and I are either living on campus or at home, so I don't think we could really arrange that.

That's a great suggestion, though. I prefer Richard's, since I've had the best experiences there. They also didn't charge us cover a few times when we showed up later in the night. I honestly don't remember what the cover charge is, since the hubby always paid it. There's a couple who avoid me since I'm female and go in with my husband and a few other male friends, but I've never had a bad time at all.

I'm not sure if she's still there been awhile since I went , but Vixen is super sweet, friendly and has nothing against well-behaved female patrons. She always made a point to come talk to me and make sure we were having a good time. I think any stripped is going to be nice to you as long as your throwing the dollars out. When I went to paper moon I was deeply unimpressed. The atmosphere there is fine and their chairs are comfortable but the girls are very plain and have absolutely no talent at all.

I really like to throw my money at whichever girl is actually dancing. Anonymous Dec. Velvet is cool but very small and dark. Where i work the dancers socialize with the customers and have fun. Now you wouldn't know that if you listen to these ignorant people stereotyping all dancers. Not all dancers are on drugs either. In the hampton roads area the bars are rundown and ghetto, and they hire anyone. Candybar i hear is the worst in Richmond. Powered by LiveJournal. Designed by phuck.

Strip club list richmond paper moon

Strip club list richmond paper moon