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Nude cell phone pics pamela rodgers

Pamela Joan Rogers born July 1, is an American former elementary school physical education teacher and coach who taught in McMinnville, Tennessee. Jessica Stroup 33 See through. She is still in prison held on a 50, dollars bondher arrest brought national Nude cell phone pics pamela rodgers picz the problem of cellphone illegal contraband in prisons with all of its ramifications. Izabel Goulart 35 Full Frontal. Lee Garlington nude.

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Kristen Margif received Lizz naked one-year suspended sentence celo her crime. What I did was wrong, I am willing to do anything to rehabilitate myself. You must log in or sign up to reply here. But a "member of the community" made a complaint about an "improper" relationship between Folks and the year-old. Amber Jennings, 30, a Massachusetts teacher, emailed nude photos of phnoe and one video to a year-old male student. Archives Arrested on the final day of school, Hope Jacoby was taken in for having a sexual relationship with a boy between 14 and 17 years old. Teresa Engelbach was arrested in November of after charges that she had sexual intercourse in multiple locations over a two-month period with a year-old student, who was also a friend of her brother. The boy later told bragged to? In February,Tapp pleaded guilty to "harassment by offensive touching," a misdemeanor that carries no jail time. These updates will come into effect starting Nude cell phone pics pamela rodgers May 25, Science teacher Deanna Higgins, 27, was arrested for having sex with a year-old student after detectives found her underwear in the Nude cell phone pics pamela rodgers truck, which he kept there as a sentimental reminder of her. She allegedly gave "the boy a pill" and had sex with him.

A Nashville psychologist with access to the disgraced teacher offers insight.

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  • Sussex County elementary school teacher Lindsay Massaro, 26, taught 8th grade students.
  • She was 27 years of age at the time of the relationship.
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Pamela Joan Rogers born July 1, is an American former elementary school physical education teacher and coach who taught in McMinnville, Tennessee. A convicted child molester and sexual predator, she sexually molested a year-old boy who was one of her students in Centertown Elementary School. According to court documentation, Rogers had sex with the student on at least 12 occasions, including oral , vaginal , and manual sex as well as having the student engage in oral sex and digital penetration on her.

Rogers faced 15 counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and 13 counts of statutory rape on February 4, The charges stemmed from her three-month relationship with a teenage boy. She was 27 years old at the time of the relationship. When originally charged , she pleaded not guilty. On August 12 , Rogers pleaded no contest to four charges of sexual battery by an authority figure as part of a deal with the prosecution.

Her sentence was days about nine months in the Warren County jail in Tennessee. During an eight-year suspended sentence , she also had to serve a term of seven years and three months of probation , surrender her teaching certificate, and register as a sex offender for life because sexual battery by an authority figure is "Violent sexual offense" under the law of the state of Tennessee. Rogers was arrested again on April 24, on charges that she had sent text messages , nude photos, and sex videos of herself to the same boy while using her father's cellphone.

She was also charged for communicating with the boy via blogs and a website. The judge ordered Rogers to remain in jail until her next court hearing. Rogers asked for mercy and apologized to her family and the teen's family, saying tearfully to the judge, "I have humiliated myself. What I did was wrong, I am willing to do anything to rehabilitate myself. Circuit Judge Bart Stanley denied her request saying, "You have done everything except show this court that you wanted to rehabilitate yourself.

Rogers received two additional years of prison time in January , after she pleaded guilty to sending nude photos of herself to the boy. After her release from prison, Rogers was arrested again in June , in a separate case where she allegedly conspired with two current inmates to smuggle cell phones into the state prison where she had been incarcerated.

In , Turner was Ms. He filed for divorce in January , around the time of her indictment. Separated since , the couple was already experiencing marital difficulties when her legal troubles came to light. In July her brother Alvin Rogers was arrested. Charges included rape involving a minor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American former teacher and sex offender. Tennessee , U. Archived from the original on July 19, Retrieved The Globe and Mail.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After being released in , she is under arrest again since in cellphone case facing up 6 to 30 years in prison. Sexual battery , probation violation , cellphone case. Incarceration days Probation 7 years 3 months; violated, revoked Incarceration 7 years on revocation Incarceration 2 years , sending nude pictures to a minor.

Reason: improved resolution. Margrif and her victim had sexual relations eight times between June and July Pamela Rodgers from the movie The Cube Posting Rules. In Stockton, California, Christina Oliver 24 was arrested for having sex with a year-old male student. She allegedly gave "the boy a pill" and had sex with him.

Nude cell phone pics pamela rodgers

Nude cell phone pics pamela rodgers

Nude cell phone pics pamela rodgers. pamela rogers turner nude


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A Nashville psychologist with access to the disgraced teacher offers insight. On Nov. The other is a sexual addict desperate enough to send nude cell-phone photos and explicit videos of herself to an adolescent boy, with a lengthy prison stretch as the likely outcome. Both women are named Pamela Rogers. She was not schizophrenic. We do it all of the time in our culture. Her candid and startling findings illuminate a woman who has been depicted as a predator, a fantasy figure and an object of salacious curiosity throughout her public downfall.

But it began months earlier, Rogers told Schleicher, when a boy in her class known for the purposes of this article as T. Rogers told the therapist she came to enjoy the attention. She ended up in his. The teacher had moved out of the home she shared with her husband, then Warren County High School basketball coach Chris Turner. Their acrimonious divorce would end up reported across the country, with allegations of adultery, drugs and gambling.

But for now, Rogers was quietly looking for an apartment. Ironically, the mother of the very boy who had been pursuing Rogers so vigorously in gym class asked her if she wanted to stay at their home for a while.

So she went to the house and stayed there. The message was from Pamela Rogers, the teacher with whom he had trifled following each ring of the gym-class bell. From there, according to legal records, Rogers and T. Dressed in a conservative dark suit, Rogers came to court and copped a plea. In an agreement that her Nashville attorney, Peter Strianse, struck with then District Attorney Dale Potter, the teacher got off with days served with good behavior taken off a total sentence of days in the Warren County jail—plus seven years and three months probation, registration as a sex offender, surrender of her teaching certificate for life, and the restriction that she cannot grant any interviews for eight years or profit in any way including books and movies from the case.

She attended Bible study classes at the jail and was allowed a Bible and one paperback book at a time. Only paperbacks are allowed so they will be less lethal as weapons.

On the day she walked free, Southern Standard reported that a male admirer sent her a large basket of red roses. But by the time the florist arrived with the roses, Rogers had already ridden away in a minivan to seclusion on the chicken farm of her father, heralded Clarkrange, Tenn.

Pamela Rogers could have gotten as much as years in prison. Within days after walking out of jail, having served her previous light sentence, she violated her parole by sending text messages, nude cell-phone photos and sex videos of herself to the same teenage boy. Facing Circuit Court Judge Bart Stanley on these new charges, Pamela Rogers exhibited a trait that many women teachers in these cases share: contrition. At her hearing, she sat at the defense table wearing leg shackles and a black-and-white-striped jail uniform, sobbing quietly into a Kleenex clenched in her handcuffed hands.

Tears streaming down her cheeks, gasping for breath, Rogers turned and apologized to her mother, father and sister, seated about 10 feet behind her in the courtroom. Then she apologized to T. Both families were sobbing. Saying, in effect, that she had thrown away the second chance she was given, Judge Stanley sentenced her to serve the remaining seven years of her eight-year sentence in the Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville.

How could a personable, attractive teacher destroy her career, her reputation and her future for something so plainly disastrous—and needless—as a fling with a minor? The defense hired Schleicher to analyze Rogers and report her findings to the court.

Over the course of three sessions in the jail, she gave Rogers a battery of psychological tests, including Rorschach inkblots; on the latter she consulted with Leslie Phillips, a year-old former Vanderbilt professor and international Rorschach expert. In addition, Schleicher talked with Rogers at length and pored over some 12 diaries that Rogers had filled over the years. Rogers, the psychologist testified, is suffering from significant post-traumatic stress, from a great deal of trauma in her life and from extreme immaturity.

On another, Rogers had written T. And I guess that has to do with all that she fantasized about that the diaries reflect, because it set her up for not having any adult wariness, proper wariness, looking for red flags with people. So vulnerable. That fueled her thought that her love for [T. It was as if she was above the law, in a way, because she could get things to happen. She could control weather, she felt like. On the first count, Schleicher testified at her hearing that Rogers was not attracted to pre-pubescent children, the definition of pedophilia.

A sexual predator, broadly defined, is a person who seeks sex partners in a predatory manner, i. But Schleicher believes that Rogers suffers from sexual addiction, a psychological malady that remains controversial in some quarters.

Reid Finlayson, assistant professor of psychiatry and medical director of the Vanderbilt Comprehensive Assessment Program, has been working with other psychiatrists across the country to have sexual addiction recognized in the forthcoming new edition of the DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. I do see a lot of people whose sexual behavior fits an addiction model. It does seem in terms of the neurophysiology—the reward pathways that so many drugs can hijack—that also sexual behavior lights up and can sort of take on a life of its own.

They keep on doing it over and over again in inappropriate situations, with inappropriate partners, doing things they wish they could stop. She has exposed a double standard regarding statutory rape: that a male teacher sleeping with an underage girl is sick, but a female teacher sleeping with a male student is a ticket to the Penthouse Forum.

As such, her Internet notoriety knows no bounds; she was even partial inspiration for a recent South Park spoof. But in her Hillsboro Village office, psychologist Schleicher sketches out the fractured world that Rogers lives in: Cinderella on one side, porn star on the other.

But there is concern now that Rogers is not headed for therapy—not at the Tennessee Prison for Women. Inside Pamela Rogers. Joseph Sweat. Nov 9, 4 AM. Pith in the Wind. Elizabeth Warren Hires Tennessee Director.

Nude cell phone pics pamela rodgers

Nude cell phone pics pamela rodgers