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Featured in collections. Naruto the show by Thedeerhuntermadman. Naruto ala South Park. Visual Art. I found a link to a game of sorts where you can make your own South Park style characters.

Naruto south park

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Naruto then set Satsuki with her back to Naruto south park tree trunk. A few years before this moment both of these two would have been at each other's throats with either a Rasengan or a Chidori respectively. It was an average day in a sleepy little mountain town. Now let's go find out where we are. Naruto held his hands out in a placating manner. Naruto and Satsuki due to being in high alert got into combat positions. And this time it's in the cracktastic world of South Park. You should check around town to see if there is anything Naruto south park. Naruto who had torn off one of the couch cushions looked over to Satsuki and grinned before he Naruto south park the back of his Legacy of kain defiance game freaks in embarrassment. Naruto jumped down from the top of the tree and landed on the grassy floor. Standing in front of this house were a young man and woman.

Japanese culture in American television?

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The American adult animated series South Park has been referencing Japanese culture and anime for years. The television show parodied the theme song from Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro in , Kenny transformed into a Japanese princess in , and the series featured a yaoi episode last year. The long-running show's latest anime reference involves the character Ike Broflovski.

In the latest episode, the character's mom goes online to check Ike's browser history. Vigilant fans noticed entries related to anime as Ike's mom quickly scrolls down the page. Ike apparently checked out Naruto on Crunchyroll on November He also Googled Yuri!!!

On ICE and Crunchyroll Twitter user Andrew Link also captured a screenshot of the moment when the anime appear in Ike's browser history:. What's your favorite reference to anime in South Park or another Western show? Tell us in the forum. Pas de encore de compte? League se poursuit Oct. Nous avons besoin de votre aide. Crunchyroll took notice of the references and tweeted a video about the episode on Thursday: Yuri!!!

But that does not mean that they will be forgotten. Naruto wore a torn up orange and black jacket along with orange pants and black sandals. Naruto on the other hand attracted attention due to his orange clothes and the fact that he wearing an unzipped orange jacket that revealed his abs underneath much to the pleasure of the female audience who were watching him. Fifteen days before this moment Naruto and Satsuki stood before each other in the remains of a waterfall. Both of them snuggled up next to each other in order to keep warm before they both eventually closed their eyes and fell into a blissful sleep. Behind them a white van with the words 'Stan's Moving Van' were bolded in black on the sides.

Naruto south park

Naruto south park.


It aired on March 17, The boys are transformed into Japanese warriors after they buy martial arts weapons at a local market.

Their sworn enemy, Professor Chaos , confronts them and a highly stylized battle ensues. At the county fair, the boys come across a weapons store. The boys pretend their parents are dead and thus cannot afford anything, tricking the vendor into selling them several dangerous Asian weapons with Stan having two tonfas , Cartman with two sais , Kyle with two nunchakus , and Kenny with a shuriken.

They play a game where they pretend to be four ninjas , each with his own individual powers, on an imaginary adventure through South Park. In these situations, the episode's animation switches from the usual "paper cut-out style" of a South Park episode, into a stereotypical anime design, displayed in letterbox format.

The boys are drawn as adults and Asian style ambiance plays in the background. After showing off their weapons to Craig and making him very jealous, the boys encounter Butters who wants to play ninja with them.

The boys refuse and Butters dons his cape, bracers, and helmet to become Professor Chaos : bringer of destruction and doom. The boys soon encounter Professor Chaos unaware it is actually Butters after an argument about the rules of having ninja powers. They engage in a stylized anime fight, where Professor Chaos displays his powerful energy blasts shot from his hands.

Stan first shoots a jet of flame at Professor Chaos, only to have it turned back by his titanium cape. Kyle then catches the villain off guard with an icy blast from his nunchaku. Kyle returns Cartman's powers, only to be transformed into a chicken. Finally, Kenny throws one of his shurikens into Professor Chaos' eye, defeating him.

The style instantly changes from the fast-paced anime style back to regular South Park animation, showing the reality of the boys' fight with the weapons. Butters runs around wailing in agonizing pain having a shuriken lodged in his left eye.

In order to avoid punishment that would follow questions asked at a regular hospital, Butters is dressed up badly as a dog using fur shaved off Sparky and taken to an animal hospital. Unfortunately, Butters escapes on the way when the boys are waylaid by Craig and others, who have also bought weapons to play ninja with them. After an epic battle, featuring the "Let's Fighting Love" song, the boys realize that Butters is gone and join up to find him before he can tell anybody about their weapons.

Butters manages to make his way to the hospital, but his disguise fools the doctor, who sends him to the animal shelter, where other dogs urinate and defecate on him.

The vet makes no attempt to treat Butters and prepares to put him to sleep, only to find that he has escaped so instead he decides to euthanize another dog. Fearing that they have lost Butters, the boys try to return their weapons to hide the evidence, but the weapons vendor does not give refunds. Craig and the others then inform the boys that Butters was wandering around on the other side of the fair auction. Cartman, in a panic, pretends he has the power of invisibility, and takes all his clothes off so he can get Butters before the parents see him.

Everyone agrees, much to Cartman's anger. They transform back into their ninja forms and continue playing with their weapons. The episode includes " Let's Fighting Love ", a theme song that mixes Japanese and English lyrics without regard for grammar , tense or logic.

This can be seen as a parody of the J-pop theme songs that are featured in many anime series, as well as " Engrish " commonly found in anime, pop music and everyday life in Japan as a whole. It is performed by series creator Trey Parker, who is an admitted Japanophile. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Watch Episode. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. List of all South Park episodes. Spoiler warning!

Plot details follow. Story Elements.

Naruto south park

Naruto south park

Naruto south park