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This trope is the reverse of the virgin as portrayed in classical literature. In ancient myths, virgins were often dedicated to some higher purpose. Just ask the goddess Artemis' attendants ; if they gave in to the pleasures of the flesh, there was a world of hurt in store when the Boss Lady found out. But sometime in the 20th century, there has been a sharp reversal. Virginity no longer guarantees Virgin Power or some higher knowledge; in fact, it often indicates the opposite.

Naive virgins

Naive virgins

Naive virgins

Naive virgins

Having sex or not is only one facet of who you are as a person. But can't Naive virgins it Naive virgins to being Naive virgins the influence of Cadbury Eggs. Which is why I haven't had sex and don't really want to Come to think of it being a virgin in Hellsing is pretty awesomeyou can still become a vampire, and on top of that, it is reasonable to assume that at least a few of the major badass characters like Alexander Anderson are virgins. Try naive chastity. Subverted with the manga-esque series Tales of the Dark Forest.

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  • I have the chance to stay at this really cool house and all I have to do is "house sit.
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T here are these things. These unholy events called "Purity Balls" and you should probably fall to your knees right this minute and thank a merciful and lubricious and happily polyamorous God that you do not know what they are and that you have access right this minute to vast quantities of wine to deflect their nasty karmic arrows because, you know, oh my God. But hey, free country.

Purity Balls. It begins. At some point the daughter stands up, her pale arms wrapped around her daddy, and reads aloud a formal pledge that she will remain forever pure and virginal and sex-free until she is handed over, by her dad who is actually called the " high priest " of the home , like some sort of sad hymenic gift, to her husband, who will receive her like the sanitized and overprotected and libidinously inept servant she so very much is.

The dad -- er, high priest -- in turn, stands up and reads his pledge, one stating that he will work to protect his daughter's virginal purity that he has so carefully and wickedly drilled into her since birth, since she was knee-high to a disturbing dogma, that he will protect her chastity and oversee it and help enforce its boundaries, which might or might not involve great amounts of rage and confusion and secret stashes of cheap scotch, although his pledge claims it's with honor and integrity and lots of bewildering Godspeak.

Which, in many households, is essentially the same thing. It's true. Purity Balls are happening, right now. And yes, you have heard this all before.

Particularly from the conservative Right, especially from America's rigid and pale fundamentalist "core. Premarital sex is evil. Female sexuality must be, as ever, contained, repressed, shoved deep down lest it tempt men to sin like gleeful pagans licking ice cream from the pierced nipples of the devil.

Girls do not know how to handle their own genitalia and therefore must be taught -- by their fathers, no less -- how to dilute their sexual power in order to attract a sexually unqualified, God-fearing husband. You know, same as it ever was. Very well.

Let us now trace the path of imminent cultural destruction: Virgin girl has zero experience with the joys of her own body, with orgasm, with men, with sex toys or shower heads or good gynecological gizmongery. Let's just say it outright: The superiority of virginity myth, it is a massive, underreported disaster. It is a ridiculous and exhausting misconception that must be eradicated like a cancer. Perhaps French philosopher Voltaire said it best, nearly years ago: "It is one of the great superstitions of the human mind to have imagined that virginity could be a virtue.

Which is another way of asking, Don't we have it exactly backward? Shouldn't one's overall happiness -- physical, marital or otherwise -- be directly equated with exceptional amounts of sexual training and education and awareness? Is such positively libidinous education not a recipe for health and well-being and long-term marital satisfaction?

You already know the answer. Look, the plague of sexual incompetence plagues our land like a plague. It infects our schools, our popular culture, our presidential administration. The right endorses wanton sexual stupidity and all ensuing miseries, drug addictions, divorces, stresses, gun fetishes, online porn obsessions through failed abstinence programs, STD misinformation, refusal to support quality birth control and the relentless repetition of lies about sin and depravity and a shocking ignorance of the transformative spiritual power of sex.

Purity Balls? Nothing but a sad celebration of that exact ignorance. No wonder over half of all teens who take any sort of virginity pledge end up breaking the ridiculous vow within a year says a new Harvard study , and fully 88 percent end up having sex before marriage anyway.

They also marry younger, have fewer sexual partners read: less skill and yet have exactly the same rate of STDs as kids who are smart enough to avoid such pointless pledges in the first place. Sure, include STDs and appropriate birth-control information, but not as a deterrent, not as some sort of nasty weapon of fear.

Rather, arm your virgin daughters and inept sons with slick and giddy reverence for the joys of the flesh, for its potential to transform and ease tension and make you realize all is not so wrong and sinful and hateful with the world. Would we not be utterly transformed? Would we not finally be free of the sneering, churlish mentality that somehow thinks virgins are dumb, immaculate prizes to be won?

Let's just say it: There is no sacredness in the virgin. There is only the fear, were she to be educated and empowered and really let loose, of what she could become. To get on the e-mail list for this column, please click here and remove one article of clothing. Mark's column also has an RSS feed and an archive of past columns , which includes another tiny photo of Mark probably insufficient for you to recognize him in the street and give him gifts.

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Naive virgins

Naive virgins

Naive virgins. Change picture


Virginity Makes You Stupid - TV Tropes

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Use a browser to access the site instead of Tapatalk. Cookies Tapatalk. Do you think that virgins are naive? May 28, 1. Thanks x 1. May 28, 2. Remaining a virgin is often a conscientious choice and I'm personally glad that I've avoided a lot of heartbreak, mistrust and abuse. Experiencing these things at a young age can seriously give you a complex over yourself and people around you. I probably will want to have sex until I'm married or in a committed relationship.

May 28, 3. It depends on their individual personality, which might affect their view on sex. I'll say it over and over, but some people act like they came out the womb fucking.

May 28, 4. Ignorance and inexperience are 2 different things. And one can still be sexually active and be naive and overly idealistic. May 28, 5. I'm a virgin and no. I don't have that outlook on sex or relationships at all. Which is why I haven't had sex and don't really want to May 28, 6. I know there are virgins who are so because they are FAR from naive. May 28, 7. May 28, 8. May 28, 9. Nope Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. May 28, I'm not naive.

Some might be That is such a blanket statement. Having sex or not is only one facet of who you are as a person. There are naive people of all stripes, some are fuckin, some are not. I don't feel one has anything to do with the other. I'm one and far from it It does bother me when people feel like I've never seen,touched, or caressed a penis before!

It's like I'm I'm a virgin not a nun! I was an older virgin and I'll say for me I was naive. I remember after having sex for the first time being like "that's it? I like sex now though but it's really not as special as I thought it would be. Idk what I thought buy it was way different from reality. I think some experienced adults are naive. Myself included sometimes. Life happens. I'm a virgin and nope. My virginity gone when I was 21,it was 2 years ago and I can say this I was not near naive nor pure lol.

Having sex not magical, I think you should wait right person who cares you a lot and I am really happy with my bf, he is my first and we are still together.

I'm in a diff boat a bit.. I think.. I'm older 20s, virgin, and lesbian. I have seen the dating world and heard stories from my mother and sisters Not at all lol. I was and still am all on my own lol. Luckily, I became good friends with some older lesbians who kinda "showed me the way". Even gave me a clearer and better outlook on life. Even though I am a virgin physically? I'm not mentally loll. If anything, I'm naive a bit with the dating game.

But I think everyone has to go thru a naive period and then finally get to a "F it" period. I think i have approached it tho loll. There are naive women regardless of sexual history.

Considering the fact that there are a ton of women having sex with men who think they're in a relationship and the men feel differently just proves that this isnt true and yes there are stats to back this up. I just think a lot of times promiscuous women feel threatened by virgins, but thats another thread entirely. Well I am 24 year old virgin and not naive.

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Naive virgins

Naive virgins

Naive virgins