My kitten has a raw butt-What You Need to Know About Your Cat's Butt

My poor Gabby is having a rough time adjusting to her diet of cat food instead of the grass she was eating before we found her. She has been pooping some of it was formed and how it should be. I have been cleaning her bottom off with baby wipes, and warm soap and water. I try to just rinse it out gently with putting their hind end under the faucet to avoid as much irritation as possible. I agree with Kit!

My kitten has a raw butt

My kitten has a raw butt

My kitten has a raw butt

My kitten has a raw butt

My kitten has a raw butt

The other day, he showed symptoms of trying to defecate but there was nothing coming out. Hi there, I have a 5 year old male cat. I found poo all in his fur and there is a bulge around his anus. Do you think the shampoo could of caused it? Bubblegum crisis breasts doesn't have any visible signs of inflammation or irritation at his anus.

Clip flexing hunk video. Dehydration

Dog Boarding. My kitten has a raw butt causes of diarrhoea may be due to infections, other parasites, diet, foreign objects, allergies among other causes. My bum hurts! A year later came her bad reaction of vomiting 10 times that day then stopped pooping in her box again The vet gave two doses Sex clips emails dewormer so low chance of parasites. Lately I have been finding blood spots around the house and he has dry blood around his behind. I have a kitten who is switching over to dry food and has become constipated what should I do? Add a comment to Tiger's experience. Has Symptoms Congested, runny nose, diarreah. My kitten has a raw butt are some awesome single-word names for a fictional big cat species? So my cat has a bit of redness on her anus. Without examining him, I can't diagnose what might be going on with him. She started showing some odd behavior of discomfort near butt and also has a swollen anus. She is also 17yrs. I didn't hear any painful noises when he used the litter box.

In the interest of happy litter boxes everywhere, we asked Dr.

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  • She reached out to the group to find out if they had any suggestions.
  • However, sometimes her bum gets red and inflamed making her scoot and scratch; what a bummer.

She reached out to the group to find out if they had any suggestions. They may be able to offer other best practices too, that will encourage healing. I have a product from my vet called Neo-Predef. It is a light powder that is great for the raw booty, wounds and other gooey skin problems. I always have this on hand. But check with your vet for specific uses. I have fostered many kittens and have 4 CH kitties of my own. I put it in any type of shaker and shake it on!

I got a powder called Neo-Predef from my vet, which can be sprinkled onto whatever part of her bottom is sore. It has both an antibiotic and a pain reliever in it. I sit on the toilet seat lid down, of course! She enjoys the blow-drying, but I know that not every cat would.

Try baby wipes that have NO fragrance or alcohol. I buy some from Walmart that are gentle and hypoallergenic. My cat is 16 and has recently been diagnosed with a thyroid problem and kidney problems. R vet has given us tablets for thyroid and special food but has told us all we can do with kidney problems apart from slow the process down with medication which we have now started.

I feel so bad.. Take him to your Vet and see if he might have arthritis. Cats will stop being good at grooming themselves if they get arthritis. She has to twist too much to do that. Wipe from the butt up towards the tail — with female cats especially it has to be done that way in order not to give them infections.

But — see a Vet. My cat gets constipated and I have to give her Catlax. Her stools are small and hard which causes her anus to get red. Anybody have any thoughts on this and have you ever used this? Do not use people meds on cats without asking your vet first. Lots of them are toxic to cats. Sounds like your cat has a thyroid problem and too fat. Vaseline is fine for cleaning, as it is an ingredient to relieve hairballs as well. My kitten is 3 months old.

After a few days his stools started to harden. I noticed the other day that his bum was puffy, red, and leaking poo. I called his vet and they told me specifically to buy destin and put it on his little bum.

I tried it and he obviously felt some relief so I thought he would be okay. The next day there was blood in his stools and they were runny again! He was meowing at me and I could see his third eyelids, he was obviously in pain. Is it because I used the Destin containing Zinc Oxide? Should I switch to something like Aquaphor or Vaseline? Anything helps. Her reason was that, while it is a good skin protectant, the genitals and anus are so close and the anal sacs could be effected. Petroleum ointments could retain moisture in the area if kitty is scooting her booty, who knows where the ointment will roll?

Misfit is going on 10 yo and is overweight partially due to eating habits, and partial because of a hernia. So when I come home after work my greeting includes giving her bum a wipe with a wet wipe that is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

When we were trying to change her litter in , her bum was not happy, and she would plop her butt in the litter and feces.

By the time I returned from work, she was miserable and her bum was red like an apple and raw from scooting over the carpet for relief. My grandmother applied Vaseline to protect her bare tail area until her vet appointment the next day, and by morning we knew it was a mistake. She yowled with pain all night and her red and raw bum now had inflamed genitals and her anal sacs were milky white dots.

The vet shaved around the area and, after confirming infection, gave Misfit an antibiotic injection and EnteDerm ointment prescription. Poor Misfit was miserable and walked with her tail low to hide her bare baboon butt, that the other cats were fascinated with. Applying the ointment was a chore and punch my heart with every yowl and grumpy attitude she dished out, but in just under a week the redness was gone and the infection treated.

The switch had been for convenience as it was easier to stop by the local grocer instead of a half hour detour to the nearest Petsmart, the price was the same minus 10 lbs in net weight. Vet visits can be expensive but it is worth it. There are now pet health insurance companies and some health insurers can even add your pet to your plan. Also ask if the vet has payment options. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Has Symptoms Loss of Appetite. Cat Health. Add a comment to Duke's experience. My cat recently had tapeworms from fleas. Should he seek veternairan assistance?

My kitten has a raw butt

My kitten has a raw butt

My kitten has a raw butt

My kitten has a raw butt

My kitten has a raw butt

My kitten has a raw butt. Inflammation of the Rectum and Anus in Cats

But if it hasn't improved in 48 hours or so then a vet visit is a good idea. Add a comment. Licking causes the "raw" part- cats have very rough tongues. I agree with you; it very well could be an impaction, in which case it's an emergency. The stool is forcing its way past an obstruction which makes it liquid, and cat is unable to pass stool all at once, so it just keeps coming as it makes its way around the obstruction.

His anus may be open because the feeling he has to poop never goes away. Since you are unable to stop the diarreah, my best guess would be an impaction.

Raw Anus. One of my cats is 3 or 4 years old now and he has had this problem since we adopted him about months. We actually obtained him from the vet, yet they said nothing about it. We take him to regular check-ups and all that stuff, but they haven t said anything about it, even when we ask.

He has had fleas in the past, but he had this before, so I guess the best bet is going to a vet or the others solutions. If he has been given ALL his medication and is still in that condition, I would rush him back to the Vet. See a different Vet if you need to. Diarrhea can be deadly if it goes on and on. Poor kitty! He probably has worms. And cats will act normal for a long time until they're really sick; they hide it well.

Spend a few bucks and get him wormed. I know its hard to do, but if you hold him and hold that warm wet cloth up to his butt Try Coconut oil. The vet can give you a better idea. You should seriously take it to the vet.

He may be sick. Pagination 1. Existing questions. Related Questions My cat's anus is blood red raw, and has diarrhea? I'm thinking of adopting a kitten. Any cat advice? My 14 year old female dog has a red lump next to her anus.

The vet says it is cancer. Any other advice? My pregnant cats anus is red?!?!? Anyone feed there cat with raw meat? I need advice and tips please.? Answer Questions What are some good and one-worded names for a fictional big cat species? What are some awesome single-word names for a fictional big cat species? Where can I get Best Photographers in Patiala? How to keep a deaf cat from knocking over the garbage and from eating plastic?

Try a small pair of scissors specifically made for pet grooming. Try trimming the fur in that area and seeing if that helps. Technically, your cat should be able to keep himself clean down there, says Dr. However, she adds, there are situations when your cat may need some help. Overweight cats — If your cat is carrying around some extra poundage, it might be hard for him to reach aaaalllll the way around his chubby belly and back to his nether regions to clean up, explains Dr.

Cats with arthritis — If your senior cat has arthritis, it might be hard for him to bend that far to get to his derriere. Soft poop — As we mentioned above, if your cat has soft poop or diarrhea, pieces might cling to his fur. Your cat should be able to clean himself but he may need an assist from you. Warm water on a soft washcloth is also a great cleaning tool, advises Dr. If there are poop colored skid marks on your floor, take your cat to the vet.

Grin and bear it. If your cat is scooting or excessively licking his bottom he might have swollen anal glands. A typical bowel movement coming through the poop chute puts just enough pressure on the glands to release the scent. That can cause a back up and swelling of the glands, which — oh boy — must be uncomfortable.

Get that kitty to the vet ASAP. Sometimes cats ingest string or other similar items. Take him to the vet to get checked out. We all know that being owned by a cat also means we have to deal with some icky stuff as well as many, many wonderful things! Okay, now, back to your lunch!

When it comes to litter box issues, a number of factors may come into play. One scenario is with longhaired cats and litter box problems. If you have an extra furry cat, such as a […].

Recently, I interviewed a cat mom for this story for a series I write on vetstreet. She said, […]. What have you heard about Blue Buffalo cat litter? Does it look too bizarre to try? Or not? We say, give Blue Buffalo cat litter […]. Maybe you should reconsider the way you think of others and not be so quick to judge. Just a thought? Those of you that choose to name call, curse, and belittle people are the reasons yours animals have problems.

I feel for your pets. Hi I have a 6 year old neutered male Maine coon that has been licking his butt a lot. Tonight I was cutting a couple small Mats out and got to close to the butt and it was pretty stinky.

I could see something black so I had to scrap him and got off what looked like a dead baby fly and then I wiped him with a warm wash cloth. My other Maine coon use to get ticks on his butt hole that I had to pull off but this was like a fly.

Right after that he licked quite a bit but now he seems relaxed? My kitten is in so much pain, his butt hole is sticking out and where his tail meets his back is red and looks like it's getting thinner. He can bearly walk or sit down. But when he thinks he is done it continues to leak out a little bit. I can send you a picture of his butt and tail if that would help. I have no money for a vet.

But I have alot of medical supplies here with me. This is emergency I need help now!!!! What is the cause of this and how can I help him. This sounds really serious. Possibly a tumor, or at the least infected anal scent glands. A vet visit is an absolute must ASAP.

Get off the internet and get your cat to the vet now. I took her to vet and she just pinched it off and said not to worry. Well it never left and it grew back… the vet said she needed to be exspressed, be cause my female cats tall wiggles and stands straight up like she is spraying.

Who the fuck are you? I have saved many animals, because of the natural remedies. There is no way on Gods earth that homeopathic remedies work. ANYONE who uses homeopathic remedies as an alternative to seeing a veterinarian is committing animal abuse and neglect.

Idk, maybe you were having a bad day when wrote this abrasive and misinformed comment, but it is unreasonable to say the least. You believe in a god but question the evidential value of homeopathic remedies?

All my animals do see our local vet regularly and even they give me homeopathic remedies to try at home. I hope your bad days are few. Cindy, You should really learn to fucking spell correctly, and learn proper grammar, and punctuation prior to insulting people. When your cat is ill with a condition such as infected anal glands a vet visit is a must.

To not do so, is neglect and in affect animal abuse. Fuck you, there I said it some people just want to identify bad health problems and help their cat you inconsiderate twat. A trip to the vet revealed very very full anal glands. Once expressed, he took his business back to the box. This lasted for a while, but then back to the carpet he went. There are times I would yell and scold him, but eventually take him back to get glands emptied.

I have him on a stool softener in case his poop was hard and it hurt to go. What if this is behavioral?

Redness & Irritation on a Cat's Bottom - Pets

My poor Gabby is having a rough time adjusting to her diet of cat food instead of the grass she was eating before we found her. She has been pooping some of it was formed and how it should be. I have been cleaning her bottom off with baby wipes, and warm soap and water.

I try to just rinse it out gently with putting their hind end under the faucet to avoid as much irritation as possible. I agree with Kit! I started washing her butt in the sink, and she definitely liked that better than having it wiped when it was sore.

I hope she is pooping normal soon! Hi, I have just joined this forum because I rescued a four week old that was found by a coworker. Anyway, the warm water seems to be a better solution and I wanted to add a bit to the original poster. We moved to Germany and planned to put her down because she was having seizures. The German Vet, God bless him, refused to do so and insisted on taking the cat for awhile.

He did a biopsy and helped her heal up for a month. It was the cat food-specifically, the grain products in the food. We immediately searched for grain free products and years of diarrhea came to a halt…she became an alert, playful cat.

Amazing and I will never buy anything with grain again! Use warm water bathes and a soft cloth. You can a little put a bit of Destine to help with irritated butt. Go pick up some Goats milk from the store. The liquid is in the fridge section or the concentrate is in the baking aisle. If you use the concentrate mix it with water. Goats milk is great for kits. Helping a kitten to eliminate. Want to add your own Star Kit? Talk to Other Daily Kitten Fans! Toggle navigation. How do you clean a kittens raw bottom?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 of 5 total. Kit Participant. The bottom getting dirty is normal. CatLadi23 Participant. Hi Belinda and welcome to TDK land. Check out these links. They have bunches of info to help you raise Gabby. You must be logged in to reply to this topic.

My kitten has a raw butt

My kitten has a raw butt

My kitten has a raw butt