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How long have you been in business? I've been a sailor for about 30 years and currently own a Vagabond 38'. I was dis-illusioned with all the sail flaking systems available and wanted to provide a fast, easy-to-deploy and secure system at a reasonable price! I believe that the Jiffy Jax design does exactly that. It is also very simple to install as the pictures illustrate.

Jiffy jax

Jiffy jax

Jiffy jax

Jiffy jax

Our Marine websites focus on Cruising and Jiffy jax Vessels, including forums and the largest cruising Wiki project on the web today. Patent Pending. Do not allow the full boom and sail weight to be supported by the Jiffy Jax system! Under Jiffy jax Enema password do you recommend spreader mounted blocks and nylon thimbles? It is also required if you do have reefing horns, Jiffy jax do not plan to use them as the drawback mechanism for your Jiffy Jax system. Multihull Sailor. Ask Sail. When Olaf and When it comes to other types of systems - Maintamer, Stackpack, Dutchman, in-mast or in-boom furling, we believe that lazy jack type sail flaking systems are a much better value per sailing dollar spent. JIFFYJAX support lines Jane fondas slip up on today along boom prior to installation to double-check boom hardware clearances and horizontal spacing for sail support.

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Note - All production thimble sliding connector systems consist of stitched eyes covered by green starboard and red port heat shrink tubing.

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It took approximately 3 hours to install, and the instructions are very straightforward and detailed. The real test came when we went to drop the sail off Angel Island with 2 sailors and 4 non sailors as company. I let go the main halyard and the main flaked perfectly into the Jiffy Jax.

We tied it off and stowed the Jiffy Jax back into the storage position. It has worked just as well the last 3 times we have taken the boat out. We used to dread dropping the main and flaking the sail, since we often take non sailors with us as crew, and one of the hardest things for a novice to get right is flaking a sail.

Thanks Dave. After struggling for a season with my large main I started some research and came across Jiffy Jax, after speaking with Dave I realized that this would be a custom kit assembled specially for my boat. I ordered them on a Tuesday and had them by that same Friday services was fantastic. I ordered the retracting model with control lines to my cockpit.

Now handling my carbon fiber main has become a breeze, installation instructions were very well done and everything is working fantastically well. Strongly recommend Dave's Jiffy Jax. This is our second Jiffy Jax. Our first one was for our Pearson 28'. This made it such a pleasant experience for my wife and I to go sailing. It couldn't have been any easier for us to drop the Main Sail.

Installation couldn't be any easier and your prompt delivery and service is 5 star. Dave you could dub the Jiffy Jax the "marriage saver". The five lines are the right number for the Cape Dory's boom. The spacing in the instructions worked out perfectly. You have a great product, good service and really helpful instructions and tips for doing the installation.

I would highly recommend it for anyone who has ever struggled to get a mainsail flaked nicely and easily. It is a high quality product with many user friendly options.

Thanks for such a great product. I really want to thank you for the outstanding set of instructions that you prepared to assist me in the installation. They were detailed, easily understood, properly sequenced, and reassuring. The amount of time required was minimal and not belabored. Truly, if I can successfully install the Jiffy Jax, no one should consider the job beyond their talent level.

Your instructions made the job simplistic. Additionally, the quality of materials used in the Jiffy Jax system was impressive. Everything was first-rate. Your price was very reasonable, a bargain. Throwing in a few extra rivets, screws, and hog rings is a good idea; however, I didn't drop or lose an item. Now for the "great" news. Once I completed the installation, I tested the system three 3 times.

In all three instances the main dropped into its "cradle" as if it was "meant to be"; that is, flaking efficiently in a manner better than I have been able to accomplish by hand - with assistance. What an improvement. Your suggestion of using a four-line system to accommodate my fully battened mainsail was very appropriate. Stowing the Jiffy Jax inside the sail cover is slick with no halyard slap to worry about. While my experience might sound "too good to be true" the fact of the matter is that it WAS.

Congratulations for designing an outstanding product and providing the means to install it like a professional rigger. I've been using the system all season long, and don't know how I got along without it. Nice craftsmanship and a great value. I really like your product. It took me about 6 hours to install and two trips up the mast one for each spreader.

My only suggestion for your instructions is to caution the installer about how the lines may interfere with other ropes halyards , as well as fittings and standing rigging. I am also pleased with how the system does its job and am very glad I chose the four rope model; three would have been too skimpy.

Congratulations on a great product. From your web site, to speaking with you on the phone, to receiving the kit, to installing the system, to using the system. I couldn't be happier! Even during the winter! The way your system retracts and deploys works great. My existing main sail cover was not affected at all and now I can take the time to flake the main correctly without concern.

I would recommend Jiffy Jax to any sailor. Keep up the good work Dave! It came nicely packaged with each component clearly labeled. The instructions were clearly written and it was easy to install. It does not interfere with the flow of air across the sail because it is stowed when sailing. Also it allowed me to keep my sail cover without making any alterations to it.

Best of all it makes handling the main so much easier. It replaces 2 deck hands when dousing your sails! It's a snap to install and easy to deploy and stow. For the price, you can't do better. I highly recommend Jiffy Jax to any sailor. Not wanting our sailing curtailed by our inability to stow the sail, we installed the Jiffy Jax system on our Swan I can report that the system has worked flawlessly and does not present an aesthetic eyesore with a hacked up sail cover necessitated by traditional lazy jack systems.

I was very pleased with your helpfulness and information when I was considering your product, and your willingness to answer all my questions. When I finally decided to buy Jiffy Jax, you custom made my system and sent it promptly. And I've got to tell you, the installation of the system and your instructions were absolutely clear. You don't even notice it when it's not in use, but when it's time to douse the mainsail, it deploys easily and securely. I'm able to lower the main and flake it neatly into the Jiffy Jax by myself - and the main is sq.

Once the sail ties are on, the work of the Jiffy Jax is done, and it retracts once again - neatly and out of the way. It's just great, and just what I needed. Outstanding, Dave. Thank you. All rights reserved. Patent Pending. Testimonials "We were looking for something that let us handle the main sail with as little effort as possible.

Ready for your customized quote? You can count on Jiffy Lube to help keep your car on the road. We have Jiffy Hitches on 27 implements at Angelic Organics, and on 5 tractors. Our system keeps you on the tractor and out of harms way. We will be closed for the Thanksgiving We use the Jiffy Hitch System on everything as it allows us to make these equipment changes efficiently and safely.

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Testimonials: Jiffy Jax - The Fast and Easy Sail-Flaking System

Note - All production thimble sliding connector systems consist of stitched eyes covered by green starboard and red port heat shrink tubing. For demonstration purposes only, the model below has one covered thimble and one non-covered thimble.

Click on any photo to see a full-sized image approximately k size. Click again to magnify the image to see all component hardware. All rights reserved.

Patent Pending. System with four support lines per side featuring stainless rings. System with three support lines per side featuring nylon thimbles. Mast- mounted in stowed position. Mast- mounted in deployed position. Spreader- mounted in deployed position.

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