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Being truly intimate with someone means having someone with whom you can share your soul. It is easy to find a lover. They find pleasure in the first touch, the first kiss, the first night together…. However, for me, the mere act of being physically intimate with someone is not enough. I want to share my soul.

I dont need a lover

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  • Released in the middle of , [1] "Another Lover" peaked at number 13 on the U.
  • The music starts with blues slide guitar followed by a throbbing rhythm section before the vocals break in.
  • Garage House , Deep House.

I want a partner who will support me through all the struggles and difficulties of life. Someone who will stand by me even when things get rough and unpleasant. When our lives turn into the harsh waves of a stormy sea, I want my partner to be by my side. I want to have an equal who will purse our mutual goals with me.

Someone whose ambition is as strong as his love for me. I want a companion with whom I can discuss philosophy and our deepest thoughts at 2 am. Our love has to be extraordinary yet ordinary. Something that puts the wind in my wings and makes me believe that everything is possible. I want a partnership that will last forever. A partner who takes care of me just as much as I take care of him. Quite the contrary. I want someone who will admire me for my intelligence, deep mind and an incredible view on life.

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I dont need a lover

I dont need a lover

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Finding a lover. A person to kiss. A person to go on dates with. A person whose hand you squeeze during scary movies. A person to open your life to, give your heart to, who you can see yourself with, years and years down the road.

But finding that person is scary. But perfection in love? And finding a flawless, completes-me type of person? Thank goodness, because none of us would make the cut.

I want a best friend. I want someone I can be completely myself around. I want someone to laugh with. To stay up late with and talk about dreams. To go on adventures with, big or small. I want someone I can talk to openly, fearlessly, about my biggest regrets and future plans. Someone who I can trust. Someone I can tease, go out drinking with, or stay in and binge-watch Prison Break with. Someone who will give me a genuine compliment when I look my best, but will honestly tell me when I look like shit and need to get my butt off the couch.

I want someone who knows all my inner secrets, drama, and proudest moments. Who will go places with me, or take me to dinner and actually talk about things that matter. But will still do those things sometimes, just because. I want someone who will make me laugh, drive me nuts, piss me off, but still be my best friend.

And I want to fall head over heels for this best friend. See, I think the world has it all wrong. I think love is all about finding your best friend. Because that mushy-gushy, intimate stuff will come naturally. And someone who knows me, inside and out, flaws and quirks and all my weirdness, yet still chooses to be mine.

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I dont need a lover

I dont need a lover

I dont need a lover