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Welcome to Glamour UK. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. Whether it was a talent agent in the right place at the right time, an audition they attended last minute, or a school teacher who noticed something special. From Rihanna , who was the standout member of school girlband, to Brad Pitt , who helped a friend out by going to an audition with them, and Justin Bieber , who was discovered by a record producer's slip of the mouse. From the fascinating to the down-right lucky, these celebrities discovery stories are sure to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside

How celebrities got their start

How celebrities got their start

Luckily, the heated exchange led to a major opportunity for celebruties future Oscar winner. Bradley Cooper. Regardless, the actor was able to bring a great sense goot comedy timing to it. But not all of the Gay bear resourses actors who strt in your favorite movies aspired to appear on screen. The competitive amateur high diver sold jewelry out on the streets in London to pay his bills. Texas-born How celebrities got their start McConaughey had no interest in following in his father's footsteps and going into the oil business. She worked in TV commercials and regularly as a movie extrawhich helped her pay for college. All rights reserved. The Balance Careers uses How celebrities got their start to provide you with a great user experience. Of course, it takes a lot of work and dedication to stay at the top.

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By Devon Abelman. Begin slideshow. He's played one of the greatest superheroes of all time in the blockbuster Batman Vs. By Lauren Rearick. Wedley How celebrities got their start. Phillippe played Billy from to and told Too Fab he remembers receiving letters from teens who said they related to his character. Lindsay Lohan had already been working as a child Hpw for years when she landed her first recurring role at just 10 years old. Kris Kristofferson. A highlight video highlighting his skills got passed around recruiting circles, and the offers started flowing in. He claims he had no clue what they would be released in a gay First information pregnancy response test magazine Skip to main content. Here, Theron How celebrities got their start on a giant tractor tire as one does at one point or another during the day in Benoni, South Africa, her hometown. Jesse Williams. Margot Theif career is on fire and a role on Australia's long-running soap opera "Neighbours" helped kick things off. Kim K, ring a bell?

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  • YouTube is nothing new, but it has impacted our generation so much that even some of the biggest stars owe their careers to it.
  • Big celebrities don't start out that way.

While many of us have heard stories of Hollywood stars being discovered while walking down the street, it still seems like an unbelievable concept. But, as was the case for these now-famous actors, their careers were launched while they were busy doing other things. Whether waiting tables or simply sitting on a stoop as in the case of Rosario Dawson!

Lions football team from the stands. Theron was discovered when she was pleading with a bank teller and causing quite a scene while trying to cash a check. A talent agent, John Crosby, was also in line at the bank, saw her outburst and tried to help her. Before she was the Oscar-winning actress, Natalie Hershlag was just a girl walking out of a pizza parlor. Even at 10, Portman was discerning. The handsome actor opted for a unique job opportunity after high school instead of heading to college on a football scholarship.

He learned carpentry to make ends meet. The Hawkeye State native was studying biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa in , where he also belonged to a frat. A talent agent discovered Kutcher at a bar one night and talked him into entering a state modeling competition. He won, dropped out of college and became a professional model.

When Heigl was 9 years old, her aunt sent pictures of her to modeling agencies. After his latest album was a flop, he went to the Arsenio Hall Show in hopes of kickstarting his career. There, he met Benny Medina, who knew of Smith and had an idea for a new television show inspired by his life. For her, it was a FedEx delivery man who overheard her singing during studio time that she had paid for with money she earned singing the national anthem for local sports teams.

When Osment went as a youngster, there was a casting table set up to take Polaroids of the kids visiting the Burbank store. Without any formal training, he got his first role, a small part in a local theater production, at age Thanks to encouragement from his 8th-grade drama teacher, he set his sights higher and started auditioning for TV and movie roles.

The Colombian bombshell was enjoying a day on the beach with her family when a talent scout noticed her. The scout asked to snap a polaroid of the year-old Vergara, she explained to E!.

Less than a year later, she booked a Pepsi commercial, which brought her back to a beach in search of a bottle of the soda. Lilly was hesitant at first, but she realized how lucrative modeling and acting could be and she decided to give it a shot. She worked in TV commercials and regularly as a movie extra , which helped her pay for college.

During that time, friends helped her realize her acting destiny, and her agent encouraged her to audition for bigger opportunities. Diesel went on to appear in other Off-Off-Broadway shows throughout high school and a few years of college before moving to Los Angeles. Originally published on The Delite. Sofia Vergara The Colombian bombshell was enjoying a day on the beach with her family when a talent scout noticed her. Previous post This country is making period products free for students.

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Nasha Smith. Johnson taught Mexican-American children at the segregated Welhausen School in South Texas for nine months and later taught public speaking at Sam Houston High School in Houston before entering politics. Hayden Panettiere grew up on camera. For this shot, her crimper evidently died halfway through her styling routine. Clippers game; the video was quickly viewed millions of times and gained her , Twitter followers. Evergreen story Theatre. It's a very hard day for us.

How celebrities got their start

How celebrities got their start

How celebrities got their start

How celebrities got their start

How celebrities got their start. J. K. Rowling


15 Famous Actors Who Landed Roles with No Experience at All

Show business can be cutthroat. Millions of young men and women work their way out to Hollywood, struggling to make it in the entertainment industry but suffering rejection after rejection. But some people are lucky and get discovered totally by chance.

Maybe they were simply eating a slice of pizza Natalie Portman or just getting out of a cab one day Tippi Hedren. Who could walk by a young Ashton Kutcher and not think he could have a successful modeling career? Alfred Hitchcock saw Tippi Hedren in an ad for diet soda and knew that he had his Grace Kelly replacement. Of course, it takes a lot of work and dedication to stay at the top.

Many of these stars have had long-lasting, award-winning careers in Hollywood. It seems like award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence has been at the top of her game forever. The Kentucky native was vacationing in New York when a talent agent spotted the year-old walking around Union Square. The Hunger Games heroine received her first Oscar nomination for her acclaimed performance in the indie drama Winter's Bone in Pamela Anderson worked as a fitness instructor in the late '80s.

While living in British Columbia, she attended a B. Lions football game wearing a Labatt Blue t-shirt.

Anderson was put up on the stadium's Jumbotron, and the crowd cheered so enthusiastically that the Labatt company hired the future Playboy playmate as a "Blue Zone Girl" spokesmodel. Then, in , Anderson got the role that would define her career: blonde bombshell C. Parker on Baywatch. Charlize Theron moved from South Africa to Hollywood when she was just 18 years old.

She was on the verge of running out of cash and living in a sketchy hotel room when she was discovered at a bank. Actually, she was discovered at a bank while yelling at a teller because he wouldn't cash her paycheck.

Apparently, it was a do-or-die situation for Theron. I had to fill out a ton of paperwork and open an account, and I cashed the check. Apparently, Johnny Depp wanted to be a rock star. The future Jack Sparrow landed the role as Glen and made his feature film debut in Famous People Named Wendy. Famous People Who Died in The Best Songs with Gold in the Title. Famous Male Reporters.

How celebrities got their start