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We use cookies on our website. You can now give your consent to the processing of your personal data also for the listed purposes. The face of every model in the Macan range lays bare the dominant sporty genes of their hereditary line. Markers include the characteristic headlights, which are recessed in the bonnet. The large, imposing air intakes of the front apron are just waiting to inhale life.

G-spot gts

G-spot gts

G-spot gts

G-spot gts

And Formula One G-splt G-spot gts stewards in Pringle jumpers making sure that on the circuit there were no overtaking moves at all. Engines On. The three-dimensional arrangement of the controls lends the interior a cockpit-style layout. Nude braches G-spot gts of the new Panamera. Sound Package Plus, with ten loudspeakers and a total output of watts, delivers excellent sound.

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We use cookies on our website. You can now give your consent to the processing of your personal data also for the listed purposes. The face of every model in the Macan range lays bare the dominant sporty genes of their hereditary line. Markers include the characteristic headlights, which are recessed in the bonnet. The large, imposing air intakes of the front apron are just waiting to inhale life.

Every single second. The bonnet stretches through As a creator of sports cars, we know that driver and car must form a single entity. As such, you do not simply sit in the Macan — the ergonomic architecture integrates you into the vehicle. The three-dimensional arrangement of the controls lends the interior a cockpit-style layout. In typical It drives us on to new things day in, day out. Taking everything on board. And being part of the race — 24 hours of each new day. Highlights of the standard specification Would you prefer to experience the gear change or the driving pleasure?

No contest. The new Macan is equipped with the 7-speed PDK transmission, which changes gear in fractions of a second with no interruption in the flow of power. The tremendous dynamic performance of the new Macan is thanks in part to the Porsche Traction Management PTM active all-wheel drive system. It comprises an electronic and map-controlled multi-plate clutch, the automatic brake differential ABD and anti-slip regulation ASR.

The electronically controlled multiplate clutch regulates the distribution of drive force between VarioCam The intake and exhaust camshafts in all Macan models with petrol engine are each equipped with a fully variable vanecell controller for continuous timing adjustments.

This helps to deliver high specific power and high torque — even at low engine speeds — and, above all, reduced fuel consumption and low With millisecond precision, DFI injects fuel at up to bar directly into the combustion chamber by means of electromagnetically actuated injection valves. Standard in all Macan models. The engine is decoupled from the The integrated dry-sump lubrication of the V6 petrol engines guarantees a reliable supply of oil in all driving situations.

The oil reservoir is located directly inside the engine, which saves on space and weight. An electronically controlled oil pump provides the correct amount of oil as and when needed. The V6 twin-turbo engines are equipped with two turbochargers arranged in parallel — one for each cylinder bank. Intake air is compressed and then fed to the engine via the respective charge-air cooler. This cooling process achieves two things: high cylinder charge and low component temperatures. The SPORT button, which is fitted as standard, enables you to select a setup that favours either comfort or sporty performance.

Sports tailpipes are available for your Macan on request. The twin dual-tube tailpipes are specially designed and feature a highly polished chrome-plated stainless steel finish, also available in chrome-plated black. A sporty statement that is visually unmistakable. Optional for all The sports tailpipes in chrome-plated stainless steel — available in a choice of silver colour or black — are a treat for both the eyes and the ears.

Optional for At Porsche, we also set ourselves high standards for braking performance. So it goes without saying that our brake systems are super-sized and adapted to the high power output of the engine. The Macan models are equipped with sixpiston aluminium monobloc fixed brake calipers at the front. The brake discs are The luminous power of the headlights helps to provide optimum illumination of the road at all PSM is an electronic control system that maintains stability — and increases driving safety — even at the limits of sporty performance.

Sensors continuously monitor driving direction, speed, yaw velocity and lateral acceleration. PSM actively intervenes to stabilise the vehicle when necessary by strategically applying the brakes at individual wheels. All Macan models are equipped, as standard, with full-size airbags for the driver and front passenger. It comprises side airbags in the front seats, curtain airbags along the entire roof frame and the side windows from the A-pillar to the The use of ultra- and super-high-strength steels makes a crucial contribution to safety and, at the same time, purposefully encapsulates the principle of lightweight construction.

The forces exerted in the event of a frontal impact are dispersed by a system of longitudinal and transverse members.

Reinforcements in ultra-high-strength steel provide additional In addition to its range of smart services, Porsche Connect offers two smartphone apps. The enhanced Porsche Communication Management PCM is your central control unit for all infotainment applications and is standard equipment in all models. The PCM features a high-resolution touch display with integrated proximity sensor which allows simple and convenient operation.

The optional Connect module makes the optimum connection between your smartphone and your Porsche. The centre console contains a special smartphone storage tray, which forwards the signal of your mobile phone to the external aerial of the car, sparing the mobile phone battery and providing optimum reception. At www. The Connect Plus module ensures maximum connectivity in your Porsche. It features an LTE telephone module — with SIM card reader — for convenience, excellent reception and optimised voice quality.

With Porsche Connect and the Connect Plus module, you have access to a range of helpful services, such as real-time traffic information. Throughout the journey, the real-time For a high level of comfort and tremendous dynamic performance, you have the option of an air suspension including PASM. With this setup, the car is 15 mm lower than with the sports suspension, while the Macan GTS sits 10 mm lower than the Macan S with air suspension.

The steel spring suspension is standard in all Macan models. Not only does it fulfil exacting requirements for performance and driving pleasure, it contributes to enhanced driving dynamics, lower fuel consumption and increased ride comfort.

In addition, the sports suspension of the Macan GTS is 15 mm lower in comparison with PASM is an electronic damping control system. It actively and continuously adjusts damping force based on current road conditions and driving style. When a car is driven off-road or assertively in a manner that demands hard acceleration and braking, the forces acting on the car will normally induce perceptible body All relevant systems switch to a traction-optimised program for off-road terrain.

In addition, optional Porsche Torque Steering The steering has been engineered for sporty and immediate handling. The tuning of the electromechanical steering system is what makes the Macan models so extraordinarily agile. It also contributes to low fuel consumption. As there is no hydraulic system constantly drawing power, energy is consumed only when the steering is turned. Sports car makers adore corners.

With our technologies, we are forever fanning the flames of the relationship. PTV Plus is an optional system for enhancing both driving dynamics and stability. Operating in conjunction with an electronically regulated rear differential lock, it works by varying the torque distribution to the rear wheels The Sport Chrono Package adds a stopwatch with an analogue and a digital display to the cockpit. The performance display in PCM lets you view a range of driving stats, including your total driving time, current lap distance and lap times recorded so far.

The centre console also comes equipped with Mixed tyres As with any genuine sports car, the Macan is equipped with wider tyres at the rear — just like the Five doors. Five seats. Excellent everyday practicality — and an elevated sitting position. You get in — and find the ignition lock closest to the door.

This system regulates the speed of your vehicle in line with the speed of the vehicle in front and brakes your vehicle automatically — if necessary, even down to a halt. As soon as the road ahead clears, your vehicle will accelerate back up to the cruising speed originally set Lane Change Assist Lane Change Assist monitors the areas to the rear of the vehicle and the blind spots on either side.

The panoramic roof system is a good square metre in size and comprises two large glass panels. Even when closed, it lives up to its name, letting you enjoy a generous panoramic view — but keeping you well protected from the elements at the same time. In addition, the front Privacy glass Dark-tinted privacy glass provides additional privacy in the rear compartment.

The system has been optimally tuned for the models in the Macan range. A total of 14 loudspeakers, including an active subwoofer and centre speaker, and nine amplifier channels with a total output of watts deliver an impressive sound experience. In combination with the new version of Porsche Communication Management As a creator of sports cars, we love to push boundaries — sound barriers included.

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G-spot gts

G-spot gts

G-spot gts

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Porsche GTS review: still on the sweet spot

In a world of big luxury sedans, the Panamera has always been the alternative choice. Somewhat compromised on the comfort side of the equation relative to cars like the Audi A8 or Mercedes-Benz S-Class , its performance has consistently been on another planet than those land yachts. The new generation of Panamera , introduced in , cleaned up the controversial look of its predecessor, while myriad handling tweaks like rear-wheel steering delivered the kind of poise you wouldn't expect from a machine weighing in the neighborhood of 4, pounds.

On the inside, the GTS carries seats with Alcantara inserts, plus a matching headliner and a steering wheel wrapped with the same soft-touch material. Contrasting-color seat belts and logos are available as well, if you need the extra pop. The analog lap timer stands proud at the center of the dashboard, and the GTS is the first Panamera with a head-up display that can optionally beam back at ya through the windscreen. Spend a little time poking around in the Porsche's infotainment system and you can make the HUD show pretty much anything you like, dragging and dropping everything from a speed limit display to a G-meter into six slots, creating a totally custom layout.

Darkness is the theme on the outside, with much of the car's trim blacked out, including optionally tinted lights and ebony wheels. Enough about the look, let's talk about the important stuff. The Panamera GTS makes horsepower from its 4. An eight-speed, dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel drive get the car to 60 miles per hour in just 3. Those wanting the ultimate handling will want to tick both. My time in the Panamera GTS began with a lengthy period on the roads around Bahrain, a place that, suffice to say, did not allow me to stretch the capable legs of the car.

I was at least able to verify that the GTS hasn't compromised on the overall comfort and capability of the base Panamera. As far as the leg-stretching goes, that's what race tracks are for, and indeed Bahrain has a very nice one of those.

Bahrain International Circuit has played host to the Formula One circus since , and it's a fantastic place at which to test Porsche's latest Panamera. That means two very heavy braking zones in quick succession. Hauling a 4,pound car down from nearly mph is quite a task, yet the carbon ceramic brakes on the GTS handled the job with aplomb, running six laps in succession in the desert heat and humidity without fade and with only minimal complaint.

And what about the corners between those prodigious straights? A signature track of designer Hermann Tilke, Bahrain International has about as much finesse in its shape as the contents of a box of spaghetti spilled on the floor.

Despite that, it makes for a compelling circuit to drive, and a compelling challenge for a car this big. I've mentioned the 4,pound weight multiple times, but let me now point out that the Panamera, at This is, then, in every way, a really big car that has no right to be really good on a race track.

Yet that's exactly what it is, composed and and balanced and, yeah, fun. Turn in gently and the car follows, but doesn't exactly leap to the apex.

Turn 1 is as much a test of patience as handling, but on the faster, sweeping corners it was possible to get a proper feel. Turn 12 is a long, fast, off-camber right-hander that's a real test of balance -- and commitment. In a car like this and with limited time on the track, it's always hard to know how much handling prowess comes from innate chassis balance and how much comes from modern marvels like torque-vectoring AWD and rear-wheel steering. Regardless of what went in the mix, the feast Panamera serves tastes very good indeed.

So, then, is this the perfect Panamera? We'll need some further seat time before passing a final verdict, but based on first impressions, if you want engagement but not the ballistic speed of the Turbo or indeed Turbo S E-Hybrid, then the GTS hits the Panamera performance sweet spot with a bullet.

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G-spot gts

G-spot gts