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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. It has been a while since Dick has felt so interested in such a short amount of time. He can't look away, he doesn't want to look away, and he wonders why he didn't come watch a game sooner.

Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love

Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love

Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love

Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love

Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love

He closed his eyes and let the darkness engulf him, assured that everything was okay. Alfred has found Bruce laying on the floor once or twice with the Female spanking movies all patting at him. Furious doesn't even Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love how aggravated we had made him. Robin had no idea what part of town they were in; he had been looking at the floor of the car the entire ride. ABtman spoke in all seriousness. Share Tweet Comment.

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But rather than continue wearing the costume of Robin the Boy Wonder, he instead takes on the mantle previously worn by Jason Todd: Red Robin. The University of Chicago Press. DC Comics has never indicated Batman or any of his male allies to be gaybut several characters in the Modern Age Batman comic books are expressly gay, lesbianor bisexual. Robin has always been by the side of batman. Deadman feels pain as his body becomes a Black Lantern and seeks Batman's aid. He can't look away, he doesn't want to look away, and he wonders why he didn't come watch a game sooner. However, the back lash brruce his tail caught him, smashing the boy to the Rockman doujin of the tunnel. The Society drops the Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love Chemo on the city, killingpeople. I supposed I didn't mind washing him; it wasn't like it was all that difficult. It wasn't that Alfred would suspect the deep emotions and memories that brcue a tiny piece of fabric held for Bruce, but because by keeping the piece of fabric for so long, he had been forced to admit to his deeper Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love.

AN: I'm not really sure If I want to post this, I wrote it for myself because this is something that's really important to me.

  • I don't mean which of the robin is your favorite
  • Bruce was reminiscing.
  • While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.
  • Homosexual interpretations have been part of the academic study of the Batman franchise at least since psychiatrist Fredric Wertham asserted in his book Seduction of the Innocent that "Batman stories are psychologically homosexual".

Bruce's eyes darted across Dick's room. He raised an eyebrow at the semi mess the boy-- man had made. Seeing that the occupant wasn't there he closed the door and continued his search. Dick frowned. I'm not leaving Gotham until you tell me what's bothering you Bruce. It's healed for God sake! Bruce straightened.

Averting his gaze to Dick's black hair. Clenching that hair in his palms, to have him writhing below him Loosing his balance from his hurry he fell on his back. Dick falling on top of him. He moved his hips slightly to brush it up against Dick's groin. His face showing a battle between restraint and pleasure. Till next time, HustlezLock7. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Comics Batman. BruDick Oneshots. X Bruce's eyes darted across Dick's room.

X Loving someone was one thing, restraining love was a very different. Dick's eyebrow furred as his eyes scanned the book that Alfred had given him. He raised his head up, meeting Bruce's gaze. What did "Hh" mean?! Bruce's gaze lingered on the young Grayson's figure.

Just before he could start his sentence. Master Dick. Lunch is ready. X Is something wrong Bruce? You've been staring at me like that Since you came downstairs. Dick's eye twitched a bit. A lie. Bruce choked on his water. That action was beyond uncalled for. Dick's blue eyes held curiousty. Something was definetely up. He pulled his shirt back down. Bruce fidgeted in his seat, positionin himself the third time since they started lunch. He averted his eyes to the wall, then glanced at Dick then the wall again.

Dick pulled him back. Bruce's well sculpted back facing him. Bruce's face was slightly flushed. He tried not to look down. Now if you'll excuse me--" "Why is you're face flushed? Bloody Hell. X Dick let out a choked gasp. The Grayson's eyes widened. He blinked. Stating openly at the man's hard on. Now move. It's normal you know?

Soo, whose it for? It twitched. Dick stirred and felt the heat radiating off Bruce's groin. Interested 2. I take what I want 3. My Omega 4. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Close Working Terms of Service.

After spending nearly seven years in prison with good behavior, Zucco applied for parole, in exchange for becoming a state informant of mob activity. Jezebel's capture was revealed to be a red herring, due to her being a part of the Black Glove; as such, Nightwing's lobotomy was still pending, but he managed to escape due to the fact that his capture and Batman's 'insanity' were both parts of an elaborate plan created by Batman to expose the Black Glove. When Dick later confronts the Red Hood and Sasha, Jason is shot twice in the head by a lobotomized hitman named Flamingo. After waking up in the Batcave, he is shocked to learn that Bruce is really the Batman. I would have to look into that.

Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love

Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love

Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love

Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love

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That was another thing to be grateful for. As I was trekking to the car, I saw a flash of bright light, momentarily blinding me. I swing around towards the source and found myself glaring down at a photographer. I, without really thinking about it, kicked his feet out from under him. He toppled to the ground. The photographer took one look at me and then skittered off, obviously frightened.

I got in my car and sat down with Robin still clinging to me. His grip was tight so I knew he hadn't fallen asleep quite yet, but he was obviously tired. If I was exhausted, he had to be.

I put the car in auto, giving it the voice command to make its way back to the cave without me driving. It did so. While it drove, I decided I would check Robin over. Robin remained fixed tightly to me. I gently ran my fingers over him, prodding those places I knew would force him to let go. He did so, but reluctantly. I pulled him back a little so he was on my knees and started to look him over. At one point, my eyes caught his.

They were so bright and blue, so trusting that I felt a surge of affection for him. I hugged him close for a moment. I loved him so much. I couldn't believe how much I loved him. I had thought I had forgotten how to love after my parents died. Robin taught me how again. I didn't want to love, it made me vulnerable loving him like that, but I had to, I couldn't help myself.

It had been so long since I had loved anyone like I loved this little boy. I finally drew him back to continue my examination. Robin's face screwed in concentration as he was obviously trying to focus on a specific point of pain. He wrinkled his nose. I turned him around to look at his back. The entire back of his costume was shredded, mere strips of cloth.

There were a few scratches where Croc's teeth had grazed his skin and broken it open, but none too deep or too long. I was relived at least for that. He nodded, craning his head to look back at me. I put him down on the seat next to me. We still had a ways to go before we got home and I knew he was tired, so I hoped he might just curl up on the seat and take a little nap while we drove back. He did. He leaned up against me, dozing quietly while I drove.

We got home after a little while, but he was already fast asleep. He opened his eyes a little and then started to get up. But, his movements were sluggish and awkward. He was obviously exhausted and I could tell now that there was something wrong with his arm. He hadn't told me about it, but perhaps it had already numbed by the time I examined him. I would have to look into that.

I debated for a moment, whether or not to carry him inside. Making a decision, I scooped him up. He was top priority. Looking at the scratches on his back when I put him down on a table, I again regretted my decision to take him out that night, but how was I to know we would end up in the sewers with that cannibal? I got out my first aid kit and pulled him out of his tunic. He gave a little mewl of pain as the ripped fabric came free of his wounds, but I soothed him as best I could.

I rinsed out each of his wounds and put antibiotics on. I had to make sure nothing got infected. I was considering even taking him to get shots the next day. He would hate me for it, but I wasn't sure what sort of bacteria Croc was packing in that slathering mouth of his. I would take a culture one of these days. I rolled my eyes and then picked him up again.

I was so tired, I was ready to just go straight to bed, but I decided going to bed smelling and covered in sewer water did not really appeal to me so I got in the shower. The warm water eased my leg. The fact that it felt better now assured me it wasn't fractured or broken, which was really good.

I couldn't afford an injury like a broken leg. It was still difficult to move though. Well, it would be better by the morning hopefully. I showered quickly, dried off and lay down in my bed.

I was about to let myself fall asleep when I thought about Dick. I groaned and grunted, rolled around for a few minutes, and debated whether or not I should get out of my nice comfortable bed. Only Dick could have roused me. I dragged myself out of bed and limped over to his bathroom. The lights were still on in there. I opened the door. There was Dick, still dressed, leaning heavily against the wall, fast asleep.

I shook my head with a smile and picked him up. You're filthy and you smell horrible. I shook my head. I loved him and all, but I felt that might be a little too much of an invasion of privacy.

No, no Dick, I said, you need to wash yourself. He shook his head. I sighed, battled with myself for a moment and then asked, "Would your parents? I shrugged. I ran a bath, stripped him down, and put him in. I had to support his back to keep him from slumping down in into the water and drowning himself. I scrubbed the dirt off him as gently as possible, knowing he was sore from the beating he'd received at the paws and tail of Croc.

I supposed I didn't mind washing him; it wasn't like it was all that difficult. He was so little, he barely weighed anything at all. I was just surprised he didn't mind. I would have minded being washed by someone, regardless of how tired I was. I supposed when you were younger, your mind worked differently. Funny, I couldn't remember being like this. Perhaps I had just been robbed of it too young.

I had been younger then Dick after all. I pushed those thought away though and gently pulled him out of the tub. He dripped water on me a little, but I didn't mind. I dried him off and then bound the wounds on his back. I ran my fingers over his arm, trying to ascertain the problem. Dick finished stitching the wound and tied it off.

He barely managed to repress his natural reaction to Dick's touch. Bruce was going to attempt to move when he realized that Dick was still right beside him. His mouth was still right there against the wound. Bruce felt his muscles tensed and Dick let out a breath that brushed up his arm and shoulder. Bruce shuttered, ever so slightly, and suddenly Dick had a firm grip on his uninjured shoulder and was pushing him back down onto the table.

Bruce didn't like the glint in Dick's eyes and growled out, "Dick? Dick smiled and said nonchalantly, "you need to stay off that ankle.

Here's a cold compress to help the swelling go down. Till it goes down you probably keep off of it. Then his hands were on my leg, holding it still as he wrapped the compress around my ankle.

His hands where firm with repressed strength as he moved my leg around. After a moment he said, "Doesn't look to be too serious. I still don't think you should put any weight on it. I felt my jaw clench as he kept his attention on my ankle, after a moment he whistled and his eyes met mine, taking my breath away and asked, and "How'd this happen?

For some strange reason I couldn't comprehend, I simply stated the truth, "I wasn't paying enough attention to what was going on around me. I glared at him and the sarcastic smile dropped away as he said, "Here, give me your arm. I'll get you to bed. Some part of Bruce, a very small part, told him to say no, to call for Alfred. Instead he took Dicks hand. He had been expecting for him to let him lean some weight on him as he climbed the stairs, but as he slid off the table, Dick lifted him off his feet.

Bruce let out a surprised gasp as he found himself pressed against Dick's chest, a chest that was so strong it should have belonged to Superman.

Before Bruce could think to protest, Dick was strolling across the bat cave and up the stairs, by then he was so comfortable and breathless that he couldn't find the strength to resist the comfort of being in Dick's arms. Dick carried the larger man up to his room with ease. Dick strolled to the end of the hall and opened the door to Bruce's room with his knee. He paused outside the darkened room, a strange look crossed his face, one that Bruce had not seen before.

When Bruce placed his hand on Dick shoulder, he felt a slight tremor run through him. Dick didn't try to stop Bruce from standing on his non-injured leg. As he straightened Bruce look down at Dick, who still had a strange expression on his face.

Bruce turned to the doorway but as he pulled his hand away from Dick, Dick's own hand reached up and his wrist. Bruce gasped in surprised and Dick plunged his tongue into the opening of his mouth as he pinned Bruce up against the door frame.

For a moment Bruce thought that perhaps he was having a wet dream. Sure it had been quite some time since he had one of those, but what was happening couldn't be real.

Dicks tongue was exploring Bruce's mouth and his hands where running over Bruce's chest. Bruce's hands fell limply at his sides. They had been kissing for perhaps a minute when Dick finally pulled back.

He smiled with excitement as he took in Bruce's half-lidded eyes and moistened lips. Dick couldn't help but admire the fact that this was the first time he had seen Bruce so out of sort's, so human.

Dick had been jerking off to mental images of his guardian since he hit puberty. When he had turned eighteen and left Gotham and his role as Robin, the boy wonder. It had taken him over a year to realize that although he lusted after the bat, he was not Gay. He had experimented with dozens of different types of men and women but none could give him what he needed. What he got from just being in Bruce presence. This time he was no longer gentle in his exploration, as he nipped and bit his way over Bruce's mouth.

When Bruce's hands clenched the sheets beneath him, Dick started working at the fastening of Bruce's pants, while keeping up his assault on his mouth. Bruce was so entranced by the feel of Dick's lips and teeth on him, that he didn't realize what Dick was doing with his hands till they gripped his cock.

Dick captured the breath that escaped from Bruce's mouth with a smile. Bruce was panting beneath him, his lips swollen and wet from his kisses.

He tasted like night and man and sweet ecstasy. In no time at all Dick was going down on Bruce, taking his already hard and wet cock into his mouth. Bruce was bighting his lip, and trying to keep from making those wonderful noises that nearly had Dick come in his pants like an untrained pre-pubescent kid. Dick used the every trick he had learned over the years to make Bruce come, truthfully the man held out longer than Dick had thought he would.

Bruce had his hands in Dicks hair, which was long and soft underneath his callused fingers. He had tried to pull Dick off before he went of the edge but when the man refused to relent he let his base urges take over and thrust into Dick's warm hot mouth as he came. Bruce could honestly say he was not dreaming.

There was no way that a dream could be so… blissful… heavenly. He began to wonder if perhaps the scarecrow had escaped his padded cell and someone dosed him with some new, potent drug.

If that were the case Bruce would gladly let the villain win this fight if he would only keep the hallucination going for the rest of his possibly short life. It was when his mind was beginning to consider this a plausible explanation for what Bruce was experiencing, Dicks come wetted finger pushed into his walls and right to his prostate.

Bruce arched his back in surprise, wincing as some of Dicks weight fell on his swollen ankle. Dick paused in his ministrations too hook Bruce's leg over his shoulder so that his injured ankle was out of his way. Bruce's hands where in Dick's hair and on his shoulder as Dick's hands continued to peruse Bruce's body.

By the time Dick had loosened Bruce enough for a secant finger he had explored all the scares on his chest, which were numerous and substantial. Dick's imagine fantasies seemed like colorless memories easily eclipsed by the real deal. Bruce's hands were tightly woven in his hair. If he had by some odd reason wanted to stop kissing Bruce, he wouldn't have been able to pull away, not that he would ever want to pull away when Bruce was finally returning his kiss, matching his tongue stroke for stroke.

Dick paused as he withdrew his fingers, but before he could think to doubt himself Bruce made a sound that was all animalistic need, a sound the batman persona would never make.

Suddenly Dick could not contain his need, but again Bruce surprised him by meeting each of his thrusts with one of his own.

Dick ended up coming inside Bruce in a matter of secants, yet he was still semi-erect. Somehow Dick had pulled away from Bruce's lips, and as he came through his lust filled haze he realized he was biting into Bruce's shoulder, hard enough to draw blood. Dick suddenly grew self-conscience as he realized all the implications of what he had just did.

Terror seized him as he realized that Bruce might not react well to what had just happened between them. Dick began to pull out, only to have steely strong arms rap around him. Bruce was a big man, big enough that he could easily rest his chin on the top of his head. It was a desperate, nearly silent, whisper, and it had Dick hard as a rock and pumping his hips in secant. Bruce and Dick went at it like dogs in heat, and fell asleep in each other's arms without so much as saying so much as a discernable word to one another.

Dick was the first to wake up when Alfred Jerked the curtains open to send streamers of light right into the man's face. Bruce, whose legs were still entangled with his own, was snoring slightly, his head buried under a litany of pillows. Dick blushed profusely and dropped his gaze.

15 Bizarre Things About Batman and Robin's Relationship That DC Fans Choose To Ignore

Story credit to schweeeppess. Buy the artist a coffee?? Slade is equal to all these tasks, and he and Dick have excellent chemistry. Hence the Ternary Diagram! I will read a fic from anywhere on this fucking diagram. Some days a dirty bad wrong PWP from the noncon corner is what I want. But we have all this space in the middle right? In that middle space, you get:. But at the same time, you can tell Dick trusts Slade. And what does Slade do with 24 hours of control over Dick? Yes, they have sex, but also Slade ties Dick down and feeds him really expensive sushi.

And just generally pampers him and tries to get Dick to stop running himself ragged. And it is… strangely comforting… to read? Dick wants attention and affirmation. Or you can dial it back down! It goes badly for Dick right up until the bad guys ask Slade to go to far. This Night by Mikimoo A jaydick story in which they accidentally call Slade for help when they need extraction.

FYI, story contains off screen rape. Tiger is not amused. Heroes are reaching out to Dick for help and Dick is saying yes. And it is so good for me for Slade to be this dangerously appealing way to escape that.

To have someone stronger and scarier and meaner than ALL your responsibilities who can just make them go away for a little while? What long chartered fics would you recommend for either a Robin in particular, or Batman and one of the Robins, or just the Batfam in general? Oooh, long fics are my favorite. Second Generation by lowlyingfruit. TW: Referenced Rape. Basically, due to the Blockbuster incident….

Dick is a father. With some added Jason. No Good Deed by Black Friar. Robin Dick gets badly injured while working with Young Justice. Not long after, some jerkface at school accidentally, if I remember, but while picking on him pushes him down a flight of stairs, causing him to hit his head and require a hospital stay. While there, they discover the injuries he had previous and just assume Bruce did it.

Lots of angst. Good Dad Bruce, too. Chapter 18 is my favorite. Becoming Robin by wordsgohere TW: Child Abuse. Get it? Following what would actually happen to a 8 year old when he got stuck in a largely unsupervised detention center. It was well written and believable. Retrograde Motion by Lysical.

But basically, due to magic and stuff, everyone in the world forgets who Jason is…. The whole fic is them working toward fixing that, while Jason struggles with his insecurities.

I feel like I rec this every single time people ask for recs, but can you blame me??? Jason moves back to Gotham, intending on staying just a few months. But that rascal Tim has other plans, and slowly pulls Jason back into the family. Blood in the Water by Misha Berry. So Tim is at the League. With Damian. And Jason. Innocence and Experience by redrobin Damian gets dropped into the Young Justice world, and they have to deal with him being all prickly. Dick gets all jealous. I remember really liking this, though.

A lot. I need to reread it. I tend to stick entirely within the Gen works. But this was super cute. But he fixes it and is so sweet to her. Ghosts That We Knew by fishfingersandjellybabies.

Damian is dead. And he haunts the batfamily, kinda acting like their guardian angel. Tim can see him, sometimes. View From Jade by lowlyingfruit. He decides to intervene, because how dare Bruce make Dick Robin. He learns a lot about his older brother in the process.

Juneberries by Misha Berry. Tim gets kidnapped, and Damian feels guilty, the goes after him. He ends up getting caught, too, and there is some great bonding between them. Tim angst, too. Foreign Object by audreycritter. Bruce has a brain tumor. A super realistic fic following Bruce leading up to and then post-surgery. It follows the entire batfam and looks at how it affects them all. Very well done. Robins and Other Flightless Birds by ionaperidot.

A Bruce from a different, nicer universe finds out that every other Batman has kids. And he gets jealous. And kidnaps a version of each of his canon kids from other universes.

He finds kids who need help in other universes and brings them home. This is fantastic. I was sad when it ended. Thats… uh… a lot of 6s. These are my personal favorites; I discriminate slightly on the basis of legibility and overall plot. Feel free to add on your favorite genfics if you know of any I missed. Brothers by theLiterator: Short and sweet Young Justice-esque angst-piece.

Has amazing interactions and development for all the characters. A Good. Keep reading. I'm loving your social media au, KayKylengive me life. Stones : about bruce and jason. Ornaments: jason and bruce in christmas i cried. In Our Family Portrait: the stories of jason if he would have been raised by other justice league members my faves are the wonder woman and aquaman stories.

A Dance On Broken Glass: alfred and jason, their differences at the beginning and how they came to love one another so so much. See how deep the bullet lies: series of batfamily fics set in the arkhamverse good shit. Aiding and A-Betting: jason, dick, steph and tim being fucking dumb at the manor.

Sharing; An Acquired Skill: what would have happened if jason was the older brother and dick would have been adopted after him. Rude Awakening: robin!

Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love

Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love

Batman robin bruce dick fanfic love