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Penis size has been a source of anxiety for men throughout history. Many men feel a need to enlarge their penis in order to improve their self-esteem, or to satisfy and impress their partners. Whether micropenis or normal size many men fill inadequate. Penis enlargement surgery can be very expensive not to mention ineffective. This type of surgery may only add.

Ancient african penis stretching

Ancient african penis stretching

Ancient african penis stretching

Ancient african penis stretching

This exercise should be done once a day five times a week. Finish with another gentle jelqs at an even speed. Repeat this until reaching the base and Ancient african penis stretching repeat the exercise again. With an estimated population of over , the Batammariba migrated to their present location from the north and northwest around Afrkcan Faso where they were living with the Mossi people between the 16th and 18th centuries, historical research states. Big Al has been a pioneer in penis enlargement for going on two decades. Morar Alexandru. Do this exercise fairly slowly taking seconds for each stroke. Now squeeze Ancient african penis stretching blood downward toward the base of the penis. In the 16th century, men of the Topinama tribe of Brazil allowed poisonous snakes to bite their penises in order to enlarge them how they coaxed the snake to be so precise is a mystery.

Rachael ray fat ass. Do Penis Exercises actually work?

Penis enlargement is such a popular topic for spam emails and snake oil salesmen that it is a global joke.

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This story is over 5 years old. Feb 5 , pm. I don't have a penis, but if I did, I would want it to be big. Size definitely does matter, and all men know this fact.

This is why jelqing has always existed and will always exist. At a certain age--in the same way many girls will squat over a mirror to discover their own mysterious Netherlands--every boy will cross swords with a ruler and measure their manliness. If you've fallen short of your full six inches, or are just genitally greedy, jelqing is your only option--unless you'd like a surgeon to cut out the portion of your penis safely tucked inside your body.

OK, so this is what the average jelqing routine consists of, which hasn't varied much throughout history, aside from the contemporary "Get Fit" jargon. Penile "workouts" are based around a daily jelq session of around minutes.

Start with a penis warm-up involving the application of a hot towel or simply submerging your member in the bath. This increases the blood flow to the shaft, preparing it for the vigorous exercise ahead in the same way as stretching your leg muscles to prep for a jog. Lubricant should be used, as should an "OK" handgrip to encircle the base of the penis, which is then milked, moving towards the head and forcing blood toward the end of the penis.

Sounds suspiciously like jerking off, I know. For penile safety, jelqing should be performed at 45 percent to 75 percent erection. Jelqing should stop if you become too erect or might ejaculate. After around to jelqs, warm-down again with a bath. Jelqing is thought to have originated in early Arabic civilization where fathers would prepare their young sons for sexual relationships by teaching them this cock massage.

Sometimes kids performed it on younger siblings. However, some people, cynical bastards, say jelqing is a recent invention, a practical joke which has developed a life of its own. Fuck those people. Another technique in penis stretching involves hanging weights on the end.

This causes the cells in the penis to split and then reform at the expanded size. Anthropologist Margaret Mead reported that Polynesian men in the early 19th century stretched their dinks using a woven plant-fiber sleeve similar to a Chinese finger trap.

The dick was inserted into one end and a rock or other heavy object was hung from the other. The Sadhus--the skinny, scary holy men of India--and males of the Cholomec tribe in Peru also used weights to increase their length, at times stretching their dicks into inches flaccid frontal tails.

Naturally, you can't get a hard-on once you've done that. Manual jelqing isn't the only form of enlargement, however. The injection of substances into genital skin to cause penile enlargement is a common phenomenon in many cultures. In the 16th century, men of the Topinama tribe of Brazil allowed poisonous snakes to bite their penises in order to enlarge them how they coaxed the snake to be so precise is a mystery. The Dayak tribe in Borneo--in an effort to emulate the endowment of the Sumatran rhino--used to surgically insert a palang a metal rod or bone horizontally through the dick, as well as beads inside the skin.

With the dawn of the industrial age, jelqing went mechanical. The earliest patent dates back to Unsurprisingly, these metal and leather dick-screw machines proved extremely unpopular as they were cold and uncomfortable to use. In , Freddie W. Sell invented and patented the first manual penis pump called The Erector. I'm still skeptical, but in recent years, studies have shown that penis-stretching devices are actually effective.

In , a study published in the British Journal of Urology concluded that after six months using a penile extender for four hours a day, the 15 men involved gained an increase of 2. For the last two decades, surgeons have been chopping up man bits in the name of bestowing mighty girth. Lengthening surgery involves cutting the ligaments that hold the penis to the pubic bone and pushing forward a portion of the cock that normally sits inside the body.

Thickening usually involves a liposuction technique--injecting fat into the penis from another part of the body. However, the vast majority of patients are disappointed, left impotent or, worst of all, dead. Lips , was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to five years in prison for the death of his patient Claudio Martell, who bled to death while undergoing penis-enlargement surgery to surprise his wife.

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Ancient african penis stretching

Ancient african penis stretching.


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While the creation of modern hi tech extenders is extremely new, the theory is not. Historically, several tribes have used other apparatus along with weights to elongate body parts, lips, ears and whether the organ. Many cultures and tribal societies have pursued organ in one form or another over the centuries.

Polynesian men were reported by anthropologist Margaret Mead who performed penis enlargement experiments applying a woven sleeve produced from plant fiber like a Chinese finger trap.

The organ was added into one end as well as another hefty thing or a rock was hung in the opposing end. Several cavern drawings reveal showed, generally the kings with enormous cocks. This practice is still happening throughout the centuries. In a few tribes of Africa, women have used this practice regularly. This practice and custom starts as the system requires quite a while as well when the girls are only 6 years old.

The method is discontinue by virtually all girls by the time they reach 20 years old. It shows social status and sexual maturity when the disc is big enough. From time to time, this lip disc can also be worn to raise the measurement of the decreased lip as an indicator of female attractiveness.

Slowly, with their heads, several the Mursi Tribe girls may even pull up their lips on the total amount of time. Like in several other cultures, organ and sexual potency is undoubtedly used in early Arabs as the indication of masculinity and male virility.

Historical Arab fiction stories of expressly characterize the consequent male sexual dominance due to strength as well as their genitalia size together with various meetings that are sexual.

However, the overall organ increase additionally took tons of time and was not actually significant. The younger lads were instructed the best method to finish specific organ exercises that helped them to add length and girth.

Contingent on the hanging equipment, blood circulation additionally drops, which can, subsequently, cause necrosis death of the tissue. While they were fixed onto it, the organ tissues stretched with equivalent force during the majority of the interval.

In a nutshell, the previously geographic and historical evidence supports the effectiveness and success of apparatuses and numerous organ stretching, techniques along with systems.

For those who are new in this process…referring to the entire thought of penile size enhancement and curvature correction, this might seem odd and hopeless. Nonetheless, for individuals that have really tried it, the method works. And, I presume that is the great news about it. So, anything marketing online or wherever you might see or read them, it is not gonna work. Even natural supplementation do not work short-term. And, accept and recognize there is no pill out there which can enlargement the penis size.

Pills are only for boosting erection quality, but it is dependent upon the quality of the pills. Consult your doctor if you have male sexual health matters such as erectile difficulties. It is important to know your general health state by consulting a medical professional, although exercises like stretching and Jelqing mentioned before can be useful. Also, while consulting with your physician or Urologist particularly, plan to practice and live a healthful lifestyle.

Switching to moderate red wine drinking may also be useful. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Written by Dr. Do Penis Exercises actually work? Historically, the Africans performed penis stretching, as well as lip and earlobe stretching. Arabic Penis Stretching Exercises — A Key Culture Contributor Like in several other cultures, organ and sexual potency is undoubtedly used in early Arabs as the indication of masculinity and male virility.

And it is also completely painless! Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

Ancient african penis stretching

Ancient african penis stretching