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Celebrity deaths make big news before the stars are laid to rest! Learn the shocking secrets exposed in the autopsy reports of the rich and famous — …. Cops believed there was a personal motivation. A Chicago prostitute later admitted that she had left Chris alone in his apartment as he had began to pass out on the floor! An autopsy revealed Sharon was also hanged as she died from 16 stab wounds.

Celebrity coroners picture

Bonnie and Clyde. Share Tweet Email. Report Celebrtiy bad ad experience. Also, an eyewitness stated that the evening before she was found, Scarlett was last seen at Lui's Bar in Anjuna Beach. Brittany Murphy. She accused the son of an Indian Minister of involvement in the affair. At Celebrity coroners picture, the stolen Monte Carlo was spotted and an attempted traffic stop was conducted with several agent vehicles forcing Platt's and Matix's vehicle off the road near the residence of Southwest 82nd Avenue, Pinecrest, Celebrity coroners picture, Florida. Christopher Girl innocent virgin. Cornell, born John Boyle, was the lead vocalist for the bands, Soundgarden and Audioslave.


Mystery diagnosis!!!!!!!!! However, on the morning of Monday, February 3 rd Phil Spector was surrounded by a different buzz: the whirring of news helicopters above his 33 room mansion Cepebrity the chatter amongst high priced lawyers. Data Security Our servers comply with ISOa code of practice that focuses on protection of personal data in the cloud. This is the moment when you can see corners saw gives a little. The coronees the body does this is to maintain the core temperature and prevent hypothermia. Mystery diagnosis!!!!!! You can see the dura mater layer of the meninges is still stuck to the Hair trends for teen boys of the skull cap. Elizabeth Short relocated from her home in Massachusetts to Los Angeles with the dream of being on the silver screen. Robert Ford's shot hit James in the back of the head, ending his outlaw days for good. If there is no sperm and fertilization doesn't occur, Celebrity coroners picture get your period!! These are Celebrity coroners picture in the arms, legs, Celebrity coroners picture and toes.

However, not all celebrity deaths are quite that meaningful.

  • On June 25, , Chris was found dead as a result of suicide by hanging.
  • Life is a short and fragile thing.
  • The life of celebrities is charmed: fast cars, designer closets and no spending limits.
  • All of the details about the photographs below are listed on the right side of this webpage.

It can serve as a way for family and friends to find closure. This list of celebrity open casket funerals is not for the faint of heart, but these final images - and the stories behind them - are often important to remember.

Before he was flown back to Seattle to be buried, a public mourning was held for his fans, and close to 20, people attended a public viewing of his body. Lee was the son of Cantonese opera star Lee Hoi-Chuen. He is often credited with helping to change the way Asians were presented in American films. Lee was born in Chinatown, San Francisco on November 27, to parents from Hong Kong and was raised in Kowloon with his family until his late teens.

He was introduced to the film industry by his Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King Jr. He is best known for his role in the advancement of civil rights using nonviolent civil disobedience based on his Christian beliefs. King became a civil rights activist early in his career. King also helped to Movies, Ranked. In , a number of celebrities, including Michael Jackson, paid their respects to James Brown at his funeral.

Jackson was just one of the thousands who gathered around Brown's karat gold coffin. James Joseph Brown May 3, — December 25, was an American singer-songwriter, dancer, musician, record producer and bandleader.

A progenitor of funk music and a major figure of 20th-century music and dance, he is often referred to as the "Godfather of Soul. After suffering a cerebral hemorrhage while driving through the hills of Monaco, Grace Kelly died in a car crash and was committed to her final resting place in the Grimaldi family vault. Kelly, also known as Princess Grace of Monaco, drew film stars and royalty to her funeral in Monaco's St. Nicholas Cathedral.

In October , she gained stardom from her performance in the film Mogambo. She had leading roles in five films, including The Country Girl, for which her deglamorized performance earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. Bruce Lee. Famous People Named Nigel. James Brown. Zachary Levi Loves and Hookups. Grace Kelly. Michael Strahan Loves and Hookups.

The cornea is delivered to the hospital where it is transplanted in the patient. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests. He was taken to the residence of a physician, Dr. Jones career was cut short as she started to take drugs. This Website does not target people below the age of

Celebrity coroners picture

Celebrity coroners picture. Personal Data Collected

His death was ruled a suicide. Maurice Gibb died in Miami, Florida, as the complication of result of a ischemic small intestine, due to a volvulus or twisting of the intestine. He was cremated after his death. On June 10, , she was fatally shot and murdered at The Plaza Live in Orlando, Florida during an after show autograph session. Grimmie first made popularly with her self-made YouTube videos covering songs by many popular artists.

In , Grimmie participated in Session 6 of "The Voice" and came in third place. She is known for her debut album, With Love. The article documented the widespread contempt for civilian officials in the US government by the general and his staff resulting in McChrystal's resignation.

His autopsy report lists his cause of death as "traumatic injuries due to massive blunt-force trauma" consistent with a high-speed impact.

His toxicology report was positive for marijuana and amphetamines. Richardson perished in an airplane crash as it was taking off from the Mason City, Iowa airport. A formal autopsy was not done at the time; however, the cause of his death is listed as massive head as the result of the plane crash. She was the former wrestling manager of Randy "Macho Man" Savage, and was the girlfriend of Lex Luger at the time of her death.

Her cause of death is listed as an accidental overdose resulting from "acute toxicity of alcohol and multiple drugs. Iron, Andy : July 24, - November 2, Andy Irons was a professional surfer who has won several surfing titles including three world titles, three Quicksilver Pro France titles, two Rip Curl Pro Search titles, and other titles including the Vans Triple Crown of surfing four times.

Andy learned to surf the dangerous and shallow reefs of the North Shore in Kauai, Hawaii. Andy was to perform in an event in Puerto Rico before backing out of the event after becoming ill. He was flying home and made a layoff in Dallas, Texas after missing his connecting flight to Hawaii. Andy was found unresponsive in his hotel room the next day. Also, review the official police report filed after the investigation of his death. He was taken to Beaumont Medical Center and was pronounced dead after unsuccessful attempts to revive him.

The official cause of death is listed as "cardiac arrest due to arrhythmia" caused by an anomaly of his coronary artery. Jones career was cut short as she started to take drugs. On August 28, , Jones was dead in a bedroom of her friends. The coroner's report stated that she died from a combined drug intoxication consisting of barbiturates Seconal , phencyclidine PCP , cocaine, and methaqualone Quaaludes.

Thank you for one of our faithfully website viewers, Steve Smith, for providing Anissa's autopsy report! Thanks, Steve! She also ventured as a solo artist and performed at Woodstock. Her death was the result of acute heroin-morphine intoxication by injection. On the morning of June 28, Mays was found unresponsive by his wife in his Tampa, Florida home. Ironically, the evening before his death, Billy Mays was aboard a plane that had a difficult landing, causing items in the overhead compartments to hit him in the head.

After the landing, he was interviewed and said to have no ill-effects from the landing. Home Page. Next Page. Home Page Next Page.

Celebrity Autopsies. Other Autopsies. Death Certificates. Forensic Friday!!!!!!! Pedestrian accidents! In cases like this, when a pedestrian or a bicyclist is hit by a large vehicle, it often produces extensive injuries like this. The photo on the left shows how the victim looked at the scene. His face was crushed beyond recognition. His skull was so crushed his teeth came out the top of his head.

In cases like this, it is easier to evaluate the injuries if the forensic team tries to reconstruct the face and head. This is done by stuffing the head with paper or cloth towels and sewing the head back together as in the right photo. Folks, if you are getting robbed, give them your cellphone- or end up like this man- shot in the hand!!! It's not worth it!!!

Photo cred: jesusgonzalez16 iheartautopsy robbed mugged shot gsw gun guns gunshotwound crime police er ed emergency med medical medicine medschool medstudent. This is actually a very cool thing a family can do for another family, organ harvesting, particularly donating the corneas of the eyes. The cornea of the eye is the clear, protective outer layer of the eye.

Along with the sclera white of the eye , it serves as a barrier against dirt, germs, and other particles that can harm the eye's delicate components. The cornea is also capable of filtering out some amounts of the sun's ultraviolet light. The cornea also plays a key role in vision. As light enters the eye, it is refracted, or bent, by the outside shape of the cornea.

The curvature of this outer layer helps determine how well your eye can focus on objects close-up and far away. Corneas can be stored for up to a month after they are harvested! People who wear glasses, have diabetes, or have high blood pressure are all acceptable donors. Even people with cataracts are able to donate corneas because cataracts affect the lens of the eye not the cornea. When the bank receives the graft, they test the grafts for infectious diseases, rate the grafts based on condition and clarity, and compile a detailed social history of the tissue donor.

The bank then matches up a donor cornea and a recipient and sends the information to the doctor to review. If the doctor finds the graft acceptable, the surgery is scheduled. The cornea is delivered to the hospital where it is transplanted in the patient. How cool to be able to see life through someone else's eyes!

Meconium AKA baby poop in a late term placenta. This is the moment when you can see the saw gives a little. This is how we know we have made a complete incision to remove the skull cap to enter the cranial cavity to remove the brain. The an entire incision needs to be made around the skull cap otherwise it is impossible to remove it. This is the hardest thing to teach new PA students or pathology residents. It seems really easy to do, but really it requires skill.

Once you learn the proper way to do it, it shouldn't take you any longer than 20 minutes to remove someone's brain. Sometimes in the tiny fetus we can see anatomy the best.

All of the thoracic organs heart and lung are out of the body and we are looking at a segment of the vertebral column removed and looking down on the spinal cord. So freaking awesome. Approx 5 months gestation. Did you just find out you are pregnant??? This beats those pregnant apps telling you that your baby is the size of a poppyseed or a blueberry right.

Nope, count on me to show you exactly what your body is doing. Unfortunately, this mommy miscarried this fetus which is about 6 weeks gestation. If you are doing everything you are supposed to be doing as a new mom, there are very high chances you will have a successful pregnancy.

This is an awesome photo showing brain removal at autopsy. You can see the dura mater layer of the meninges is still stuck to the underside of the skull cap. Looking at the brain itself- you can see the thin, translucent layer of the arachnoid meninges and the pia meninges that lay directly on the brain itself to protect it. Forensic Friday!!!!!! Um no. Let me start off by saying that I have seen hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dead bodies in my life, and not once one has one moved.

I realize I do not have all the experience in the world, so I asked several people in my field including my autopsy partner Frank who has been doing autopsies over 50 years and has seen thousands of dead bodies, and deathunderglass who has also also been in the field a long time and around tons of dead bodies- and not one of us has ever seen a body move.

But still- let's dissect this photo. It appears as if this body is laying on an autopsy table. It is rare we would ever lay a body on its belly on the table. How the hell are we going to get the organs out!? The only time we flip a body completely over is if the body is a spinal cord only case. These cases are super rare. They are barely ever done. We do take the spinal cord often with autopsies, but we get the spinal cord from the inside of the body, after we take the organs out.

Look how this person supposedly sat up. Now lay down on your belly and try to sit up like that. You can't. Unless you have the strongest abs in the world. You need your arms to help lift you up. That takes a brain. One that is alive and working to tell your arms to help lift your body and torso up. It's not a reflex. So what exactly is rigor mortis? Rigor mortis is post mortem stiffening.

You ever hear when someone is dead they are a "stiff"? That is where that comes from. They actually aren't becoming hard. Flex a muscle in your arm or your leg. Well that is what happens when you die it kinda gets stuck in this flexed state.

At about 12 hours after death it is at its maximum stiffness and will gradually go back to normal within the next hours. Theory: he was probably posed in this position. Stomach cancer can be sneaky. It can present as a tumor mass lesion or is can present like this which is just throughout the entire stomach and you can not really see the tumor at all because it is in the entire wall.

When the tumor is spread throughout the wall like this it is called linitis plastica. Linitis plastica is also called leather bottle stomach because the stomach actually has the appearance of a leather water bottle. Linitis plastica is a rare condition that spreads to the muscles of the stomach wall, forming a thick and immovable layer. When this happens, the stomach is unable to hold much food, and does not stretch out as food digests.

If the linitis plastica is caused by a gastric cancer, it has a poor prognosis. Treatment options are available in some cases including surgery like this complete gastrectomy and chemotherapy. Man vs dog This patient has a history of epilepsy when he began having a seizure and his family pit bull pet dog attacked him. He has had several reconstructive surgeries and still remains hospitalized in intensive care.

I have done several posts regarding dog bites and have been asked not to post the breed. To me, posting the breed is just as important information to the case as documenting the patients wounds. It is information that is also stated in the patients medical recorded when they enter the hospital. This information is used to keep statistics. Photo cred: laury.

Yes that video is a testicle cut open. It is considered "normal" when the PA pulls on the testicle like this and it "strings with ease". Those stringy things are called the seminiferous tubules of the testicle. Meiosis occurs here. Meiosis is the production of sex cells, such as a sperm cell or and egg cell. In the seminiferous tubules the sperm are created. Today on The PA's Desk!!!!!!!!

Head vs tire iheartautopsy accident caraccident pedestriandeath trauma autopsy forensics pathology pattern tires externalexam. Mystery diagnosis!!!!!!!!! Did you know that you can have a tumor made of fat!!!!

You can!!! They are benign non-cancerous tumors which are composed of a bunch of fat cells. Sometimes they can get really big like this one that is the size of a baseball!!! When they are excised we look at the under the microscope to make sure there is no signs of cancer.

Rarely these things are cancerous but it does happen. Mystery diagnosis!!!!!! Photo cred: katiiie. Endometrial ablation!!! This is the procedure I had done on Thursday. This procedure is done to destroy the uterine lining or endometrium of the uterus in woman who have crazy bleeding problems like me.

This procedure can be done multiple ways, but my doctors chose to do the Novasure procedure on me which uses intense heat to destroy the endometrium with a mesh tool. So in simple terms- they basically went up there and sizzled the inside of my uterus. Depending on how this is done depends on the type of anesthetic used. I had general anesthesia. No what is this supposed to do exactly?

The theory is that ablation is supposed to destroy the endometrium so every month it can not grow and in theory you can not get your period. Also, if there is any adenomyosis or endometriosis superficial in the muscle wall this could potentially get damaged too. Which is why ablation was my choice at this time.

I am hoping this woks for me. The bottom photo shows a uterus after a woman has had healed endometrial ablation. Notice how it looks like a big triangle scar??? Well that's because ablation basically brands your uterus with a hot wire mesh tool so it scars that way.

This is a super rare photo actually. Fortunately for us, it is super rare to see a uterus after ablation surgery because the procedures are so successful. This is a specimen we get in pathology that is called a modified radical mastectomy. That sounds crazy, but it's really not that complicated. This woman has breast cancer. So bad the tumor displaced her nipple and probably changed her bra size blue arrow. This could be for many reasons. Some women are just plain crazy.

Other woman are in denial. Other woman do not have access to healthcare. Some are afraid to lose their breast because they think it makes them less of a woman. Whatever the reason- it led her to this point. Once the tumor is this big, we are usually in trouble. By this I mean the tumor has probably spread. The tumor can spread locally to the axillary armpit lymph nodes or distant to the bones, liver, etc. When it has only spread locally, the patient has a much greater chance of survival, so a surgery like this is done.

This surgery involves removing the entire breast, nipple and the attached axillary armpit lymph nodes. The red arrows point to giant lymph nodes within the lymph node packet. This is not normal. This means these lymph nodes are big because they are replaced with tumor cells.

Celebrities Post-Mortem

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Prince My fave. It hurts me to post these even though they aren't graphic. Thanks x 24 Sad x 5 Hugs! Usually when someone dies face down, between the blood settling and the pressure the face begins to darken and distort. Looks like Marilyn wasn't dead long before she was found. Kurt face was really blown off like that? Damn i didnt know it was that bad.

Malcolm X. Emmett Till. Thanks x 8 Skeptical x 1. I didnt realize selena was only shot once and in an area where there arent major vessels.

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Celebrity coroners picture

Celebrity coroners picture

Celebrity coroners picture